Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Building A Storage Room

Making our way into the old basement

with some new steps
and some pretty awesome leaves imprinted in the concrete

 means we can kiss this old eyesore goodbye!

I went to the lumber store and bought 2x4s and plywood.  I had them pre-cut my plywood into strips so that they were easier to handle.  I proceeded to build a whack load of shelving units.
 You can see that post HERE!  

     Scary eh!!
The new wall divides this into two rooms

I still have too much stuff.....this will call for an edit in the near future!

Dividing wall built.  I put a switch and two pot lights in the storage area.  

My fancy new door consisted of a lot of building skills....hanging a curtain.
This mess will become the wine and beer making storage area.

Well at least all my junk is organized,
and I can find my Christmas decor!
The camping gear is in this box with casters.  Can easily be rolled to the stairs.  I originally built this for my potatoes.  It was kept in the cold room and had gaps between the board for air circulation.  It worked great.

Wine storage area.  I will probably  never finish the ceiling but stranger things have happened.  I used the old pegboard to the left of the bookshelves to hang some of the wine making equipment. Works great.

Well I sure hope your eyes are OK.   It is an old hand dug basement.  We use it mainly for storage.   To us it is *mostly* organized and a big, enormous, huge improvement.  No more tripping....yay.  Eventually I would like to put in a better floor as the concrete is rough.  But for now, it is DONE!



  1. You have beer and wine making stuff and you ferment raspberries. You are my favorite, I want to live with you.
    I want to make a still and try making potato vodka but it's totally illegal here. :(
    Basement is looking awesome!

    1. LOL Unfortunately it's illegal here too, but if we drank enough, the basement would look awesome! Wine helps!

  2. and you stamp leaves into your concrete. I forgot that part - love it!

  3. I would love to finish off our basement... no such luck keeping it dry though. Ours has an underground stream running through it. Only in the very driest of summers is the sump pump well dry.

    Yours looks great 'Spanish' plaster stuff & all!! Love the 'little' touches.

    1. The plaster stuff is one of the little touches that the previous tenants left.....there are many, but the wine helps. You should build a pool in your basement. We could totally have a pool/wine/still party down there! I'll bring the wine.

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