Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's a Dog's Life!

Dog lovers are pretty easy nuts to crack when it comes to Christmas.
Anything for their furbaby and they are over the moon.
  I was cruising the internet looking for inspiration
and saw this cute idea on Hometalk.

pallet wood signs, crafts, home decor, painting, pallet, woodworking projects, This was made for our local city pet benefit auction might make one for myself though
An adorable sign
and so true too!

I created an assembly line and went to work.

I bought some 1x8 boards and cut them into
12' lengths. 

Painted each board with brown acrylic craft paint and let dry.

 I put a coat of white craft glue on each piece and when it was tacky to the touch......

 put a quick coat of white craft paint over top.  As it drys, it will crack for an aged look.

With Microsoft word I printed the lettering using the comic sans font and added a couple of hand drawn dog paws on the bottom.  The words were traced onto the frame and then handpainted with some black acrylic paint.

I ripped a 1x8 board into 1 1/8' wide strips to use for the frame 
 The sides were cut first measuring the exact length of the board.
The top and bottom were cut to overlap the sides.
 The frame pieces were pre-painted and air nailed and glued around the perimeter of each sign

  An eye screw and wire were attached to the back for hanging.

That means Cheers in dog talk.

Being in the midst of this crazy renovation, I probably won't be back until February.

To all my Bloggy friends:
 I wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Holidays
 and  most of all World Peace!! 
 All the best in 2016!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Twas The Night Before Linky Party (A Gift Exchange)

Twas the night before Linky Party
And all through the Blog
Feral Turtle was typing
strung out on egg nog

Dreaming of packages
Tied up with strings
Turtle drank spirits 
Spying wonderful things.

When what to my rum laden eyes should appear
But a beautiful post card
with musical cheer.
With letters of joy and a shiny red D
A wish bone of plenty to wipe up spilt tea  (liquor)

Now cards and tags and a beautiful bag
On birds with cones that don't even sag
To the top of the tree with a bottle of rum
A new friend on the blogs has already begun!

Thanks to Kimberley for all of my beautiful new treasures
 and thanks to Vicky for all of her hard work!

 You can read all about Kimberley:

and check out Vicky at her blog:

P.S.  No booze was consumed in the making of this post...I swear, not a drop!


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