Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Free Cupboard

Years ago, I scored this awesome cupboard from a job I was on.  It was headed for the garbage with its broken foot.  I happened to feel I could nurse it back to health.  Unfortunately I have no before pictures at all.  I cut out a new back leg for it and used my biscuit joiner to attach it.  I didn't have a pocket screw jig at the time and wanted to keep the joinery invisible.  I was in love with this cupboard and was so grateful for the storage it provided.   I used an old window and trimmed and shimmed it into place for the top door.  I added some crown molding to the top and thought it was beautiful.   I had originally crafted a crackle finish and  painted a rooster/chicken family on the front doors.  Tried my hand at stained glass too. 
(Not very easy.  Need to take a class.)   As time went on and seeing all the awesome fun and funky furniture painting happening in blogland, I decided she needed a face lift.  I will just fill in the rest with pictures  I am still not done,  but this is what I have to date.  I love it, but as you will see from the pictures, it will probably continue to change.


 OOPS!  Don't like that.  Had to change the doors.

 This is not the last you will see of her.  She will be back!

P.S.  The cupboard is sitting in my future bathroom.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Oooo, I'm loving this! It looks so funky. I can't wait to see the "after" pics!

  2. Thanks Cheap Chick. I had fun painting it too. Kinda put it on hold when we were doing the dormers. Might have to get back on the painting wagon.

  3. That turned out so adorable. Nice job.


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