Friday, October 28, 2011

Trash to Treasure to Trash

OK. This is kinda of an obvious, maybe a somewhat silly post, but well I am just gonna do it anyways....I was cleaning out our cars yesterday to get them ready for the winter......yay snow......sorry all you snow haters......had to say it. PRAY FOR SNOW is my new favorite to HUMPTY WAS PUSHED. Anyways, while I was cleaning out the cars, I spied these plastic plant pots, that were this funky green color. They were from some awesome shrubs that I scored, CHEAP.
This is the TRASH part of my title. Usually they come in black, or terracotta. I took them in the house, scrubbed them up and threw a few bags in the bottom so when you take out the trash, there is a new bag waiting for you. Now they are pure TREASURE. 

OK, they are still trash, but I couldn't name the blog Trash Trash Trash, could I. I took another bag and fitted it inside and tied it so it would stay around the rim....and with the magic of words, its TRASH again.

Now instead of having to clean out the backseat floor of the car, perhaps I can just clean out the trash bucket. Better yet, we could move to the Star Trek Enterprise and have machines that replicate clean for us. 

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