Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shelving For My New Storage Room

With hubby out of town, I am in building mode again.  I wanted to take the oldest part of the basement and turn it into a storage room instead of a "trip over" area.   This is step one of my long journey.  I had gone to the lumber store and purchased eight sheets of 3/4 inch plywood sheathing.  I had most of the cuts done there as I was told on the phone the cuts were free.  I told the guy I had probably forty cuts and he assured me it was free.  Wow....great deal.  I decided to build my shelving at various shelf heights for different storage needs.   My shelving was all cut at 16" depths.  My sides are 60" and the shelf  widths are 48".  The units will measure h-60" by w-49 1/2" d-16"   I also cut 48 pieces of 13" x 1" strips for shelf supports, leftovers from wine storage .... CLICK HERE to see that project.   I built 6 units total, and plan to build more as soon as the kids have all there stuff.  This should ensure enough storage for Christmas, camping and any other things that need to be hoarded stored. 

  *Never assume cutting is exact unless you do it yourself.*

After I re-cut most of the pieces, assembly of the units was very simple.  I measured 1 1/2 inches from the bottom to create the legs.  The shelves were put at different heights.  Each shelf is braced with the 13 inch strips.  I put supports from the bottom to the top in the center of the units to prevent  bowing.   On the very bottom, I took some leftover cutoffs from the 13" pieces and doubled them up as the center foot.  
Here are pictures of the assembly.....

This unit was off center to allow room for larger storage totes.

 I built six units total.  Still two more to come for a total of eight.    I could paint them, and may do so in the future  (probably not),  but I am more excited to get working on my new bedroom area on the main floor.  I was going to show you  pictures of the units in place, but decided against it as I truly need to organize the new storage area already.    This storage room is definitely not pretty so I will save you the eyesore.   I put two units along one wall and  made a center row with four shelving units back to back.  When I get around to building the final two units, they will be put on the last free wall.  I placed some totes and pre-made shelving there for now with stuff that needs a new home or two.    Be forewarned Kids!!!  Mommas coming with some goodies for you!
HAHA....I think I can hear their terror from here.



  1. Wow! They look great and solid!

  2. Nice job!! Do you ask for power tools for Christmas? My husband said I was the first woman he ever met who wanted power tools... lol

  3. This is a good DIY project. This shelving unit will surely make a lot of space in your storage room. You can also try making your own rack. It's also a good organizer. It can saves space. Anyway, I would love to see the painted shelving unit you have created.

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  4. I really love organizing things... this one is really helpful to put things in order. Thanks for sharing this and Congratulations!

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