Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Iron Crow

Last week, my sisters and I headed out on one of our many adventures. We ended up at this really cool store in Calgary called The Iron Crow.  It showcased antiques, replicas and furniture built from old barns! There were even antique cars and trucks....and some newer sporty models!   A little out of my price range but a ten on the neato meter!   I took a few pictures and thought I would share them with you.
Sorry for the quality. Still with my iPhone 3, (a good excuse for my crappy photo taking skills).   The address is 4405 9th Street SE, Calgary Alberta. Canada. Phone number is 403 287-8770. I am not being paid for this post. Just thought I would share the contact info in case someone sees something they like.

An old Chevy truck.  Pretty amazing!

Gorgeous chest of drawers and amazingly comfy chairs.  Behind that are these antique board panels; perhaps room dividers from China.  I think they are about nine feet tall.   Makes me wish for high ceilings in my home. 

This space is huge!

Numerous rooms to browse through.

Sorry for the blurry-blah, but check out those arches.  Pretty cool building.

Would love this in my craft room!

Off to the right of the phone booth is a giant marble statue.  There were more kinds, like lions and horses.  Pretty amazing finds!

Happy Days!
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  1. Oh. Wow. What an amazing place! I love the butcher block and the gas pumps and and and....geez. My head is spinning!! So many goodies. That must have been so fun! It would be so fantastic to buy that British telephone booth and fix it up. Love it!

  2. What an awesome place! I could stay all day...But what did you buy???

  3. What a fun outing! Sounds very cool - furniture out of barnwood.
    I really liked the blue chest and chairs!
    Thanks for showing us,

  4. What a fun outing! My husband and I enjoy visiting antique stores, we've even passed our appreciation on to our teens who will accompany us if they don't have anything else going on. I'm especially fond of all the old windows. I love to decorate using them.

  5. That is an amazing building! I could spend hours there just poking around at all of the goodies!

  6. What an amazing place!!! I would go absolutely nuts in there!
    Visiting from Katherine's blog hop - and am definitely your newest follower -
    ( A fellow Canuck from Montreal )

  7. That looks like a pretty amazing place. Did you walk out with anything?

  8. What a great adventure you had- I see a jillion things I'd buy!
    Came over from Shabby Art and am following!

  9. Lots of awesome things in that place! I love those high board panels!


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