Monday, September 16, 2013

The Magic Cake without the Magic :(

I'll I can say is that I have had enough birthdays to last me a lifetime, and I speak with great authority being in my late twenties, maybe early thirties...hehe.
 But my kids haven't, so I had to pull up my big girl apron and get my egg peeler out. 
 That's a real cooking tool, right?
  Yes I cooked and I think it turned out not too bad as everybody took leftovers home.   Maybe they were trying to save Mr. FT from enduring that meal two nights in a row....hmmmm.  
 Keeping my fantastic cooking skills a secret, I will just post on the baking part of the meal.
 I wanted to enlighten you with a cake I found at
She whipped up a fantastic Magic Cake that she found at 

I think the thumbs up meant it looked good, although I guess in hindsight I should have had it on a fancy plate with dressy blueberries around the perimeter, so I ask you to use your imagination!

Danni's cake looked so good that I decided this would be the birthday celebration cake for my wonderful daughters' birthday that I gave birth to when I was 6......or so.  That's right, we are more like sisters..... if you are far far away and have your reading glasses on.

I changed up the recipe slightly using lemon extract to replace the vanilla, and lemon juice to replace the water.  I doubled the amount of lemon extract as we are big lemon fans.

 You could triple the lemon flavoring as the kids and Mr. FT found it to be quite mild.  I also added a box of instant lemon jello pudding for the icing, instead of the powdered sugar and strawberries used in the original recipe.

It was well received but I will stick with the classic angel food cake for next years celebration! 
A cake that looks like an elegant high heal!  Right? 

 I had made a trial cake which I felt turned out better.  The cake part was very light and spongy.  This one didn't have the texture the first had.

  It was kinda like a funky shoe, which I totally planned as she loves shoes.
Not a bad cake but I think I will stick with good ole Betty Crocker next year.  That will be our little secret, oh and the fact that I gave birth to my daughter when I was around six-ish.


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  1. YOu are so funny! I'm sorry your lemon cake didn't turn out like you wanted...but it's funny that it looks like a shoe!! Thanks for the shout out! I'm trying chocolate next.

  2. Okay, you're funny. :P I also had my daughter when I was 6. Actually, there was a time that people thought we were sisters. Now...not so much...



  3. Darn! I hate it when food creations don't turn out as we envisioned they would! But you get an A for effort :)

  4. I've been WAITING for somebody I know (ha ha) to try this magic cake thing I keep seeing on Pinterest. Is it really as easy as they make it look?

  5. There must be a few of us mothers at 6 lol, I'm sorry the cake didn't work out but I'm glad you told t like it was Danni said there were mixed reviews. Do you think substituting lemon extract was the issue maybe it needed the citric acid to work. At least it tasted alright :)

  6. All this cake talk is making me hungry! Sorry your cake didn't turn out the way you wanted, but mediocre cake is better than none right? :D

  7. nice cake! I like the jello layer!

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  8. Funny. It's fun to get the apron out once in awhile!
    Maybe you can treat yourself and go for a walk down that charming lane you have posted on your profile page. Love that!

  9. I'm so glad my daughter loves to bake! I haven't had these kind of troubles in a looong time :)

  10. It happens to me so often that a recipe turns out ok and when I do it again, it fails! I'm also lucky because my cats only ask me to open a can of tuna for their anniversary (they don't do birthdays!)

  11. I'd still try it. Love lemon!! Sorry about the cake fail, and my husband's family loves angle food cake for birthdays? Where's the chocolate, people?

  12. My daughters love to bake ( lucky me )
    I think it looks delicious even as a high heel shoe!!!
    And what is it with us Canadians - I also had my twins at 6 years old!!!
    Must be the cold winters LMHO


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