Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Beer for my Honey

Beer...the fastest way to my mans heart!
A Christmas basket, previous home to poinsettias, is the perfect beer basket!

Nothing says I love you more than beer bling!
 It really says, "Why did you double that batch of salt dough?"
 You can see how they are made at my previous post,
 Valentine Air Freshener

Blinged out with some tissue paper, candy hearts and a fashionable barrette for a bow ( HOW TO HERE!),
 I would say this is one sexy man basket!
Heck, a brown paper bag with beer would have made Mr. FT happy.

Cheers to some fine Canadian craft beers (and the American Gnomegang)
 Happy Valentines Day Mr. FT.

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  1. I think next time I visit the Great White North, I'm bringing back some beer!

  2. Beer is the perfect VDay gift! Hope you guys have a great Valentines together.

  3. Valentine Queen... someone is going to be happy when he gets his basket!! Craft beer love!

  4. That is one sexy beer basket! Mr FT is a very lucky man. My hubs didn't get anything from me. I'll be sure he doesn't see this post and wonder where his beer basket went lol.

  5. Oh a beer basket is a perfect gift! I should have made one for Sam! I'm intrigued by your Canadian Craft Beers. I'm thinking I would enjoy reading a post about those! (hint hint)

  6. Well, you certainly know the way to your man's heart! This is such a cute idea! Love the salt dough heart garland -- haven't made any of that stuff in a long time. Maybe for Easter.....hmmmm?

  7. Excellent! Are we going to be seeing salt dough hearts through Thanksgiving? I think you should start a new trend. Spiders and hearts in every post!!! =D


  8. Hope you had a great v day I'm sure the hubs loved it I know mine would :)

  9. haha the salt dough strikes again!!! I think this is the perfect valentine's present for a husband. I know mine would have loved it.


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