Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Bunting, Some Irish Spiders, and a Green Beer

Look who popped in for a beer...a green beer!  Little buggers drank some before I could get all my photos taken.  

I whipped up a bunting in honor of St. Paddy's Day! 
It's the Irish in me!
 Actually two buntings, but the second was a miniature
 one for the photo shoot with my little Irish friends 
   By the time we were done, things were a little blurry!
I found these trinkets at the dollar store and thought the green bubbly beads
 would make an excellent spider body!

And of course he needs a proper head

Look what I found in my stash, greeeeeen paper!  The luck of the Irish!

My bunting template was cut out of some heavy
 cardboard my sister got for me.
  A staple in my craft room.

Punched some holes in the cardboard for string.

Distressed the edges with some black ink.

The dragonflies were  cut out  mangled with the Cricut.
 Does anyone else have that problem?  I did change the blade not long ago.
 The old blade cut through tons of sticky paper but this blade has
 never been subjected to anything other than paper and not a whole lot of it either.
Keep it up and you will get the face Cricut.
You know the face?
You will see it at the end of this post.

And here it is, waiting for my green guests!  It really does look better in person.  One day I will have a fancy mantel.
  I know I keep saying.....

but one will see a mantel!

And I used up all the beads from my dollar store find!

Another round Seamus! * hiccup*
Oh my....I think it's time to call it a night!

I ordered more skull beads from E-Bay.
 They are coming from China and I suspect they will beat
  the ceiling tiles from Florida.
  Here's to you Canada Customs....... 23 days today :(



  1. Lol more spiders, as an (half) Irish girl myself I can live a bit of green. Actually much to the disappointment of my mother I never do nothing for st party's dy other than get on fb and wish the family over there a great day I don't even think my kids know what it is. Terrible Irish chick and bad blogger I am ;)

  2. Those skull beads on the spiders are perfect. I was just wondering what to do for Valentine's Day... obviously I had better look at the calendar, I'm a month behind. Thanks for the holiday-check.

  3. C'est très original tout ça!!!
    Très bon week-end à toi

  4. Oh I love that you are looking everywhere for things to use with your spiders. So creative. We almost named our 2nd born Seamus...luckily for her, she came out a girl.

  5. I am digging the skull spider heads. Oh, you have got a warped sense of humor that I just love! I don't have a cricut, but my Silhouette does that mangle bit from time to time and sends me into a crafting gussy fut. if you figure it out, do share!

  6. I don't know what a gussy fut is. Damn ipad likes to make up words as we go. Hissy Fit.

  7. I'm splitting a gut, (not to be confused with a gussy fut). Your spiders are sooo darn cute, and even better that they have the Irish wit - and Irish bunting to boot!! It looks like you're going to have a good ole time for St Paddy's this year. Better hide that green stuff from the spiders, fore they'll be none left!! Have a great weekend - and may the wind always be at your back - Amy

  8. LMBO...we're going to have to have an intervention for you! Heather has created a monster with her spiders! I love them though! I love that you name them too. Your banner is cute enough to hang around all spring and into the summer. I can't believe you are still waiting on your ceiling tiles.

  9. You managed to make spiders charming and they speak English with an Irish accent... I never thought I'd say that, but I'm in love with a spider!

  10. I'm not really into spiders, but these are cute in kind of a creepy! We have all the really bad real arachnoids here like black widows, get the idea, so I'm not fond of even fake and bejeweled one!

    I have never done much decorating for St. Patrick's Day, even though I probably have some Irish blood in least I've been told I have an Irish temper, but that is so NOT true!

  11. Baaaaaahhh!!!! I LOVE those spiders! Again!! The buntings are adorable too, but I'm just loving your drunk, Irish spiders!




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