Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Wood Shed

In the creation of this wood shed, I actually learned a few things:
Joining the ranks of wood burning is
 less romantic than it seems and
 shed building, as I have discovered,
 isn't as easy as YouTube makes it look.

The Easy Shed
and my inspiration picture.

You are probably wondering
 how safe a turtle built shed could be, I thought I would
 add that no children or pets will be housed in there
 although I am not opposed to Mr. Turtle occasionally
 seeking residence, but only when he can't see things my way!

Also, I think Mr. FT hides his chainsaw in fear of me sawing my head off,
and chocolate flavored cereal is just wrong!

Saddled with my tool pouch and cordless drill, I went to work.

With the roof all done,  I climbed up top the next morning with great pride,
  to see trusses more crooked than a corkscrew!
After a lot a bit of cussing and making sawdust

 this happened!

And this

And this

Then temporary paint until I can scrounge some siding.

 Mr. FT is home tomorrow!
Hopefully he will have kind words about the shed
 or he might
 have to take up residence  and eat chocolate flavored cereal.


Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Timeout Stool

The secret to great children is
"Always Eat Dessert First"!

If you never eat dessert,
 or if you are
and have a paint happy hubby, 
then you will probably need a time-out stool!

I found this cute stool on Pinterest at

She has put together an amazing tutorial to create your own.

With my bandsaw out of commision

They were a little rough so I cleaned up the edges with a router and my hand.

It wouldn't be a DIY without a bit of drama!

We ditched our old bed frame for
the new bedroom,
 which is still in the works.

Luckily I salvaged all the spindles.
And by salvaged, I mean I snuck them out of the back of the "dump slated truck"
 when Mr. FT wasn't looking! 

Bedroom reno:
 Part Four to be announced....Still need windows.
A groove was routed into each of the seats for the pop bottles to sit in. Holes were drilled to accept the spindle legs

With two bottles of Root Beer under my belt,
 I was able to create the hourglass part of the chair.

Unfortunately Luckily, there was no alcohol to throw in the mix but the extreme
sugar high was appreciated!

Paint was applied, holes were drilled and a trip to
 New Zealand for the sand...all in one day (see root beer).
And by New Zealand, I mean Dad's sandblasting sand.
And by Dad's, I mean
 my Dad, not the company Dad's cuz they just make yummy cookies
Image result for dads cookies
Although I did spy some even better looking cookies over at
  House Honeys the other day!!  

Some of "Dad's sand"....not cookie crumbs.

Now for the technical....If you aren't going to make one, skip this part cuz it's really boring.  

I fell asleep writing it!

Silicone was applied around the inside and outside edges of the bottles to adhere and seal  them to the bottom of the seats.  They were left for two days to dry so that the sand wouldn't stick.  Sand was added to one of the bottles. Legs were glued into one of the seat bottoms.  A washer with a small opening was glued on top of one pop bottle with E 6000  I carefully applied a bead of silicone around the outside edge of the washer to join the two pop bottles together being careful not to put too much on so that it would interfere with the hole. But first a wooden ball was drilled in the center using a 1" drill bit.  I had a bit of trouble with my first attempt so my second attempt was done with the ball seated in a metal pipe to hold it in place while I drilled it on the drill press. It was painted and placed between the two tops of the bottles to cover up the joint. This is when the two bottles are joined together.   Glue was added to the remaining pre-drilled leg / seat holes and the whole unit was assembled and clamped and left overnight.   This gave the silicone a chance to dry so that sand wouldn't stick and potentially clog the hole.  


While looking at time out stool art on Pinterest, I found many sweet
sayings about how much you love the little criminals, but myself,
 I decided to run with a tough love approach and paint some prison stripes!

If you don't have naughty kids or husbands like Kirby's, you could always use it for playing charades or maybe you could time yourself guzzling a few bottles of root beer, like I am doing right now.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cutting A Circle On A Table Saw

It was a day of planting trees and fighting off swarming bees. 

grow my little babies!

 After picking up never ending storm remains and fighting off more bees......

 I backed into this pile only to get a sliver in my butt!

  I also cut two circles on a table saw.....I really did.
(and fought off more bees)
and didn't cut my fingers off...

You can see how to do it on this YouTube video. 

 I don't think Mr. Circle guy invented the wheel but he
 showed me how to make one, so cheers to him.

I found this cool thing on Pinterest that involves circles, which I would show you,
 but then I would have to kill you and hide your body in my
 basement somewhere, and that might smell. 
 After all, I just finished cleaning it out. 
But do stay tuned to see what becomes of my tablesaw circles.

No harm will come to you!!!
Image result for cartoon fingers crossed

Now to find a mirror with ample magnification
for butt sliver removal.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Beating Hearth Goes Public

My dear bloggy friend Heather, from
created this treasured one of a kind pillow for me!
I guess she must like me or perhaps she's waiting for me to win the lottery so I can share my winnings.  I am pretty sure it's the latter as my odds are pretty good.  I buy a ticket usually once a year and I am banking my retirement on it.

And now you can have one of her gorgeous works of art too!

She has finally started her own business, and will create
 custom quilts which will surely become treasures.

Here are a few examples of her creative talents at work.

You can jump on the bus and

 visit her at