Saturday, May 21, 2016

We're just gonna blow out this wall and put in a beam! Part Seven

With our new window here, we are back
 in the light of it all.

This beauty spans two floors and will flood light into a new staricase!

With all this new found light, I might even have to get out of my work pajamas and shower. 
 I keep the lights dim so Mr. FT thinks he's working with a Victoria's Secret model.
(I rub a good coating of dust on his safety glasses too!)

You can thank me for this tidbit of knowledge later!


Here....I will lend you Mr. FT's safety glasses.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

We're just gonna blow out this wall and put in a beam! Part Six

After the old laundry room wall was stripped of panelling,  drywall,  plaster and lath, and an ancient wasp nest, I stole Mr. FT's serial killing crowbar and started prying out that old leaky fly streaked window!
Poor Mr. FT. 
 What will he kill once there are no more flies?
Image result for puzzled emoticon

No more flies squeezing through an ill fitting window..... more flies?

....if I go missing, who will write part 7???

 A new doorway to the porch was framed in to make a corner for the wood stove.

Look who came to visit us!
  This is Foxy the foster dog.
Hopefully she will find a loving forever home next weekend.
This weekend she becomes construction dog!

Speaking of construction animals, we decided to incorporate!
Just Kidding 
(no not "baby goat kidding") 

Update: since I wrote this post...Foxy has a new loving family
 and Manny found a new home with other goats. 
 He's no longer an only child!
Cheers to good people!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Bird Screen Door

To get some much needed airflow through the  kitchen due to my expertise culinary skills, ahem,
I decided that a screen door would fit our needs perfectly...that and air fresheners!
Oh yah, and a quick disconnect of the smoke detector!

Our local hardware store happened to have a screen door in the clearance section a few years back and I decided to hoard it in my shed.
Hey it was only twenty five bucks....that's like  $7.50 or so to my American friends!

 Anyways, watching those hoarding shows made me get off my shell 
and purge which meant sell it or use it..
I tried it on for size and it worked after a few trips to the tablesaw. 

I went to Pinterest for paint color inspiration and happened to see a screen door with beautiful ornate carvings.  I pulled out my carving knives and went to work.......

OKAY that never happened but I did head to the dollar store to buy these.

I measured the screen door with my leg and half my arm and realized I needed 8 panels..
Hot glue didn't work so well so I pulled out the stapler and stapled all 8 screens together.

After painting the door black, I placed the panels over the door, cut some wooden trim strips and lined them up with the edge of the screen.  With an air nailer, I attached all four pieces of trim, and cut off the excess panels and a little bit of my thumb....but it's all good.  It grows back...I think.

I ended up painting my entry door black too.

I used some spring hinges and a door closer thingy 
to keep out those jovial little squatters called flies!  
Damn flies!

And of course behind the didn't see that I put the door on backwards, which inspired me to get the spring hinges and the door closer thingy.  You also didn't see where I had to fill all the screw holes and hole from the door knob.

 You gotta love the bird door unless you are
 Tippi Hedren from The Birds
and you suffer from
then I apologize for the door!


Sunday, April 3, 2016

We're just gonna blow out this wall and put in a beam! Part Five

We left off with a shiny new beam installed and a goat that showed up on our deck.
Yes, we are friends now and she's a he!

"Manny" has made himself quite at home and the beam seems to be
 holding up the house quite far.

I think glue gun is safe for another day!

"Manny" has found shelter in an old play structure, with a little persuasion from food and water, and the beam is completely supported, one side permanently and one side temporarily.

Unfortunately for us, but I am sure fortunate for you, my phone has been acting up and going dead everytime I pull it out to take a picture so we will just skip ahead to an overview of the temporary walls gone.

They are a little distorted as I did a panorama shot.
The new stairway opening is framed in too.

  Mr. FT's vision of an open staircase and my vision of wood heat
 could really happen next winter.....oops I said the W word. 
 Sorry for that but if all goes to plan, the  woodshed   I built last summer
 might not be just a holiday destination for mice, 
but for actual wood storage so I can warm my butt this winter!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We're just gonna blow out this wall and put in a beam! Part Four

See part three here!
We are in the midst of it all.
Dust, debris, drywall and a lot of wood  for temporary walls which will
  probably be repurposed into a SHE SHED!!

( they say the power of positive thinking)

Even the ceiling is gone in the old laundry room.

This new found floorspace used to be part of the attic.
  I was thinking of raising small herd animals in there.

But the most exciting part of the job has arrived.  Our steel beam.

Mr FT cut it to size and together we drilled holes for the support columns and wood.  Wood was added to the inside for drywall.  We used countersunk holes, nuts and bolts to secure the 2x10s to the beam.

 We built 2x6 jigs (not the Irish jig that cousin Jack does) for each side of the beam so that the two of us would be able to get it into place.  The beam went up in 12" increments.  Worked great with the help of a few jacks and a scaffold..... and by Jacks, I mean the manual lifting kind....not my Irish cousin.  He was too busy dancing

With the beam nearly in place, it was time to think about the support columns.
A long story short, we are only able to permanently secure one side for now.  The other will be secured in the spring as concrete must be spilled for a proper footing.  With no basement under the south side, looks like floorboards will be destroyed too. ahhhhh more dirt. 
 For now we will use a Telepost in an awkward place. 
 Kind of right smack dab in the middle of the room.

Just when you thought things couldn't get more exciting,
look who showed up at our door.

And it brought gifts!!
 Feel free to use this picture whenever you want!
Spread the...well you know.

We have no idea where it came from.  After calling neighbors and posting
 on social media, it's still a mystery. 

 Does this class as a small herd animal?
 I could raise it in our new found space

We will call it Manny for short!
 That way, if it's a girl, 
she can be Amanda, and a boy could be Emanuel!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

We're just gonna blow out this wall and put in a beam! Part Three

See part two here
I left you with a stripped wall on our last adventure

 but I am pretty sure this stripped would be much easier on the eyes!
Image result for magic mike

As promised in part one, this post brings you more temporary walls.
 Six of them in all. 

and on the other side of the wall were two sets of stairs.

As we say goodbye to the old stairs, we say hello to a serial killer....a.k.a
The Fly Murderer.....a.k.a
Mr. FT

He's gotten pretty good at dropping the crowbar on flies. 

Gawd all the flies....
Image result for cartoon flies

A little glimpse with the plaster and lath removed from the wall studs
and the start of some new floor joists to fill in where the stairs were.
hmmmmm still waiting for the pretty pictures.......
You can see part four here!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

We're just gonna blow out this wall and put in a beam! Part Two

Part two brings us a new living the kitchen.
We set up the necessary furniture...#1 being the TV of course, and then somewhere to park our butts after a long day of renovating.  

  I just jump behind the couch for coffee in the morning, 
It keeps me limber for the day ahead so I save money on gym fees.

I feel like I am a real chef watching Mr. FT prepare our meals instead of just hearing the pots banging from the other room like the old days.

TV snacks are within arms reach which means never hitting the pause button!.

 If you leave the bathroom door open and lean a little, you can watch while you pee too! 

We now have a west wing which includes the master bedroom. 
I bet you're thinking" pretty fancy" 
Don't be jealous.
  You could probably have a west wing too if you have
 a basement and a ladder and are willing to cut a hole in the floor!

Nuff bragging about my new TV situation!!

We will now step into 1904 A.K.A. the old part of the house.
I'm not very good at before pics...I actually mean my phone is not very good at pics.  It's always going dead at the most inopportune time, like EVERY TIME I was going to take a picture.
Image result for frustrated emoticon

An IPhone conspiracy to make me buy a new phone....I'm onto you Apple!!

This is the wall that will be gone soon.
Through the doorway is where our laundry room used to be. 

Only three layers of flooring!

Holy crap....what have we gotten ourselves into?
Perhaps we could skip to the end now
Image result for sweating emoticon