Friday, April 17, 2015

The Beating Hearth Goes Public

My dear bloggy friend Heather, from
created this treasured one of a kind pillow for me!
I guess she must like me or perhaps she's waiting for me to win the lottery so I can share my winnings.  I am pretty sure it's the latter as my odds are pretty good.  I buy a ticket usually once a year and I am banking my retirement on it.

And now you can have one of her gorgeous works of art too!

She has finally started her own business, and will create
 custom quilts which will surely become treasures.

Here are a few examples of her creative talents at work.

You can jump on the bus and

 visit her at 


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Reclaiming My Basement - Part Two

After consuming half a Costco chicken due to nail breakage (fingernails not finishing nails), I was ready to tackle room two.  

 A transition between two pours was fixed with some floor leveling compound, and all the sins of previous tenants were hidden in a day...well actually four days as I am a bit of a turtle, and if you factor in trips for supplies, shopping for the perfect flooring, and by perfect, I mean budget friendly, then add another five days to that cuz I'm a turtle, 

 I think we are up to two and a half weeks give or take a month.

  Moving shelving units around and sorting through Mr. FT's beer brewing hobby, left me feeling good about who the hoarder in the family really is! 

Cristina, can you spot the red lamps in the picture below? 
 It's kinda like Where's Waldo!

KIDS eh!

Yikes.  I went to the local building store to pick up a transition strip...
$32.99 for what I don't even think was an eight foot piece. FOR ONE PIECE?????
Who likes matchy matchy anyways.

  I am looking forward to searching for the perfect wall covering to hide more bodies, ( You can see the body hiding post HERE!) and all of this Spanish style stucco that I swear, was put on with epoxy, but only in certain places of course...... arggggggg. 

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and pondered
 while I start on the second half of that chicken.

Look what happened last week 

How can I be sad about a tree when I am looking at this guy!
SeƱor Pickle

Monday, March 30, 2015

Reclaiming My Basement Space

I have basement envy from my fellow blogger
 Amy at  Stow and Tell U .
She's also the dear friend that surprised me with this beautiful
It will be perfect for my spring lilacs,

 and also this gorgeous Herb Chart all the way from Salem Massachusetts

 I feel almost witchy with this in my possession.  I am now practicing spells!  It still hasn't worked on the basement clean-up but I try everyday.

Pocus mundatis FUNDAMENTUM
That might be Witchcraft for
Hocus Pocus...Clean The Basement!

After weeks of sorting, sneezing, and many
 visits with the local waste engineer,
 A.K.A.(The Dump Guy)
I was left with this horrible floor and 
 a bit of a reputation with people thinking my dump and recycle
 visits were more than garbage drop offs!

And this was a picture of the VERY  best part of the floor!

You can see my first and second attempt of a clean-up  here

and here

A flooring that could possibly cover up those big
 black beetle carcasses seemed like the perfect solution.
 I could also just get the vacuum out and suck, which was 
another option I explored.

 I decided to go with option
 number one...just hide the bodies!

Part two of the new floor coming soon.  I have a large bookcase that my grandpa built full of books to relocate and then I will be on my knees again.

And no Mr. FT...don't get any ideas....

I won't scrub your shop floor on my knees!

that means move this bookcase in witchcraft!

UNBELIEVABLE.... it worked!

Stay tuned!

Cheers from

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Activated Charcoal Soap

I really needed a shower after clearing out my storage room. 
 Wading through the junk and spider webs,
 I asked myself, "Self, why do you have this crap?" 

Self decided that we really didn't need this crap, and made numerous
 trips to the recycle outlet and dump....yes some of it was just plain crap!

Anyways, back to the shower. 
 I needed a bar that could scrub what I am sure is
 spider eggs combined with webs, and dust combined
 with a lot of sweat from my forty ninth time up the stairs.

But on the upside, after all of that exercise.....
  I am one buff chick 

This batch of soap I will title
 "Activated Charcoal Cleaning out the Storage Room Sweaty Dust Bustin Soap"

Please follow all safe soaping procedures with the right safety
 equipment if you are going to make this soap!

1 oz. Pumpkin Seed Oil
1 oz. Cocoa Butter
2 oz. Shea Butter
3 oz. Castor Oil
9 oz. Coconut oil
2 oz. Hemp Oil
8 oz Olive Oil
7 oz Palm Oil
2 oz. Beeswax
2 Tsp. activated Charcoal
1.5 oz Lavender Essential Oil
1.5 ounces Peppermint EO
7 oz Water
4 oz. Coconut Milk
4.8 oz Lye

I mixed my coconut milk with water in a 500 ml. canning jar in the sink.  I slowly added the lye to the water/milk mix and stirred with a wooden skewer.  I was wearing my gloves, long sleeves and safety glasses!

I added all of the hard fats into the bowl.  I used to use stainless steel bowls but found these
 Betty Crocker bowls at our local Dollarama as they have pouring spouts.

The lye solution is poured into the hard fats and stirred until it is all melted wearing all my safety gear.

The liquid oils are added to the lye / hard fat solution.  Using this method, I no longer have to melt the hard oils as the heat from the lye solution does that job for me!  After I stirred it so that the oils were mixed with the lye thoroughly, it was seperated into two bowls.  I added  lavender EO to one half, and peppermint EO and charcoal to the other half.  I layered my mix as I poured it into the mold.....again, still wearing all my safety gear!

and this is the result!

Can you imagine I waited for three weeks before I washed off that sweaty spider web infested dust?
That didn't happen.
  Luckily for Mr. FT, I had a few bars left from my last batch!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hearts Everywhere

Todays post is all about love and hearts....

Out for our daily walk, Mr. FT and myself happened upon a red bush. 
All I could see was love!
The love of getting poked with wire, 
whipped in the face with branches,
traipsing back to the house to fetch the pruning shears, (half a mile)
and of course Mr FT's heart health, which requires
 trudging through knee high snow carrying a bundle of frozen sticks back to the house.

The branches sat on the heated floor and thawed for a few hours.
  They were slowly and gently bent to form half the heart and secured with wire. 
 A few branches were harmed in this process but all were used!

 I wired both halves together and finished them with red Christmas bows.
  I think it's a conspiracy and they just recycle
 Christmas ribbon with some heart packaging. 
 Ever notice how those Valentine chocolates always seem to taste slightly stale. 

The Ladybug Tree. 

 I secretly love the snow, and there really is nothing
 better than a walk on a warm winters day!
The Ladybug Tree picture was one of those days.
Happy Valentines Day!

I've been featured!!
The Enchanting Rose

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Glimpse Into My Wildlife!

It's been awhile since my last post but I really haven't been up to anything that is blog worthy.  I could post about how many feet of snow we've pushed but that would probably just make you bored and tired.  I could post about the purge that has begun in preparation for our next big renovation, but then I might have to run to the dumpster and start hauling it back in the house.  
So I will talk about my wildlife!

Our friends were over for a visit and as they were leaving, we decided to see if we could get a glimpse of this big guy, which was taken this summer past.

Instead, I spied this little fellow perched in one of the trees that our local porcupine feasts on.

If you missed my other owls, you can see them here!
That's my wildlife!  Pretty wild eh.