Thursday, April 17, 2014

Heather and The Beating Hearth Goes Feral

A trip to the big city was supposed to prove a wild ride, but it couldn't hold a candle to my trip to the mailbox.  My good friend Heather from The Beating Hearth decided to get all artsy and make an AMAZING, ARTIFIC pillow!   This girl is one talented Sewing Queen!! 
 The Feral Turtle, (that's me), has a slight obsession for these crazy beaded spiders that first popped up on her blog.  She put the two together and created the most amazing pillow that will ever grace my furniture...

On top of all this, she sent a beautiful hand written card with such wonderful words, that it truly touched my heart.

  And if this just wasn't enough, she packed up a box of Girl Guide cookies that are gone???? 
  I'm sure the girl on the box ate them all...... She just looks guilty.

 I know the post office lady was gleaming with envy as I carted my huge, girly pink box out of the post office....or perhaps it was my goofy smile that she it was definitely the box!

I really have no words for her kindness, but I can say that if you ever need a personalized pillow, she is your Sewing Queen.  I heard through the grapevine that she may be opening an Etsy shop and selling her gorgeous creations. 
  I think she will be selling her own original patterns too, which you can get a sneak peek of, Here and  Here!

I can't imagine all the work she put into my special pillow, but I can say it will be greatly treasured!
Thank you Heather!
  You are a very thoughtful friend!

P.S.  Watch my sidebar for a link to her Etsy shop!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dormer Reveal. The End Is Near.

I really wanted to wait and show you the room all staged and magazine worthy but that will never happen as old furniture and exercising equipment aren't all that glamorous.    I figured another post on building your own storage boxes or Ukrainian Easter eggs, and you might see through my stalling tactics. 
 So here she is, all messy, dusty and incomplete...... again. 

A door got stained using Minwax ebony.  Two coats of satin water based clear coat were used to protect the door.
And then the door got installed.

Another door was built.


Windows got all tricked out!

No worries, paint will be applied!

I know what you are thinking, "That baseboard is crooked".  It looks crooked to me too!
Maybe another picture will help.
Baseboard was made up of three layers.  It's a whopping 8 inches tall!
 Did you know that molding in general, which includes crown, casing, and baseboard, and not excluding cornice molding (not used on this job) has many different names like
$#!@  and *&@@%#_$%!#  and one of my favorites **(@&#%#$@@^&&!&*!!
  As soon as the dust settles, and one stupid trip to town for the missing piece of lousey 8 ft  molding is conquered, the painting will begin.

  I am hoping to hang the curtains very soon and
 by the looks of those pictures, buy some outlet covers.

Did you hear??......


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Handmade Storage Boxes

I have a confession to make, my fingernails are filthy.  
My car is filthy too but that's because of the mud! 
  My fingernails and fingers are nasty dirty
 from the painted door in the 
 but thats a post for later this week.

My daughter showed me this fantastic post on
 making boxes!   You can see it here
 They have a step by step tutorial which was very easy to
 follow and her fingernails were all shiny red and clean! 
The website is called Design Sponge.
The only thing we did different was cut 3/8 to 1/2 an inch from
 two sides of one of the two pieces of  paper to make a
 smaller base box.  It made for less of a struggle to
 separate the top from the bottom.

With a few pieces of scrapbook paper, you can create some gorgeous boxes,
 or make your own with painted paper like on the blog. 

And the new obsession begins..... 

My daughter went one step further and created larger, heavier boxes
 with  poster board that she hand painted from the dollar store. 
 This is her craft room

Check out her fancy polka dot chairs she scored
 at a garage sale and did a complete 360 on them!

Oh how I love her craft room.   

Back to dirty fingernail land....
I had a few trinkets lying around and thought they would make great little toppers for the boxes.
These boxes were supposed to look like they travelled from Paris, but no matter
 how I tried to dress up the picture, they just looked dumb.

Yep just plain dumb!
These are cool spiders though.  And yes I will probably put spiders in them.

I definitely like the spiders more.  They look like they travelled
from" Spidermanland"  and we all know Spiderman's hot!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dormer Continues...

Back in the day, before Aliens integrated the human race, people were of a manageable size.  Doorways were built to accommodate such.   Since Aliens flooded the population, people like hubby are too darn tall.  Building suppliers had to make doors bigger to accommodate these taller beings.  Old houses like ours were built before Aliens landed, therefore, installing doors in older homes can be quite challenging!   
 Proof is in the picture below. 

Thankfully they still make solid doors for such applications.  
If you read the labels on these doors, it says BA....meaning Before Aliens,
 which also means that it can be trimmed.   
 A sneak peek at the door before trimming.

 Do you ever wonder which chocolate you will pull out of the box?
  I figured I pulled a yummy orange cream (my fav) as everything went too good.   We were able to get the door jamb fabricated and installed plumb and square with only a few slivers!    

 Also the inside molding on the window installed...
See the alien!  You guys thought I was kidding!
A better pic

A solid piece of oak was attached to the inside part of the trim which will become the window ledge.  It will make for a strong window ledge.  Paint will hide the two different woods. 
That's all I've got today.

 We'll be able to start on the molding again later this week.  

And if you are Canadian, we are looking forward to +1 soon!  Even if you aren't, I think you can appreciate the video!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pysanky / Ukrainian Easter Egg Tutorial with a Non-Ukrainian...So It's Not That Good!

I am by no means an expert at this and I apologize to all of the real Pysanky experts, heck I'm not even Ukrainian!
My old supplier wanted a blood sample to prove I was Ukrainian.  Do you know how embarrassing it is to approach random strangers and ask if they are Ukrainian and if I could buy a bit of blood from them?  Well it is, so you can kind of say these supplies were bought with blood money!  

So here we go.  A non Ukrainian Pysanky tutorial:

You will want your eggs at room temperature.  Wash eggs thoroughly and wipe with vinegar.   You can create your pattern with a light leaded pencil.  I use an elastic to try and keep my lines straight.  I find wine helps with that!

You start with  the lightest color you want on the egg, which is usually white.  Everything you want to remain that color, cover with wax, using the kistka.  My wax is red colored so the wax is red on the egg!

 Then you dye the egg the next color working from light to dark, mine being yellow

 Wherever the wax is, the dye will not penetrate.  You keep going until you come to your darkest color which is usually black. 

 You end up with an egg covered with wax.  Now you remove the wax with the side of a candle flame. 

 If you go over top of the flame it will leave scorch marks on your egg.  Wipe with a paper towel, repeat beside flame and wipe until wax is removed.
Oops,  I had trouble staying in the lines...blame it on the raspberry wine!

  I use a dremel with a pointed carbide burr bit and create a small hole at each end of the egg.  Blow the contents into the sink or compost as the egg insides are not useable. I rest my blown egg on a skewer poked in styrofoam and spray a coat of sealer over it. 

This one got two coats.


 A gem is applied with hot glue to each end of the egg and it is placed in a fancy, crazy expensive egg holder from a far away land.

  And if you stand back, way looks pretty good...right?
In fact you might say to yourself, "Self, she is totally Ukrainian!"
 Enjoy your perfect dust collector!

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