Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pickled Beets

Remember, you are not sick after you have consumed copious amounts of pickled beets.  It's just the aftermath.  Enough said!
   I would like to share my pickled beet recipe.  
I quadrupled this batch and it worked  perfectly, for the amount of beets I had,
(approx 8 to 10 lbs)?

Pickled Beet Brine
2 pints of vinegar
2 cups of sugar
3 tsp allspice
12 cloves

First boil the beets for about 15 minutes.  Once cooked,  slip off their skins.

  Cut beets into 1/4 inch slices and fill sterilized canning jars.

 Pour brine over the beets leaving 1/2  inch of head-space.

 Wipe tops of jar to remove any debris.  Put boiled snap lids on jars and screw on rings.

  Boil the beets in a hot-water bath for ten minutes.

  Remove from bath and place on counter-top to ensure lids snap to seal.  Gaze at the beautiful jars that you have created.  I usually let them sit for a month or so before we crack open the first jar.  Sometimes I hide them so nobody can eat them...just for looking!  Fit for a King!