Monday, July 23, 2012

Bathroom Progress

Cool!  You are actually here, reading this. OK, maybe you aren't and have already scooted down to the pictures like I do.....but if you are (still reading), here's a glimpse into what we are doing.
 Some progress has been made on the new bathroom build.  See part one here!

Header built.

Header with cement board.  Seams taped and mudded with thinset.   White thinset was applied as we used some glass tiles on the surround

Temporary vanity top tiled.
  In between beer brewing, yard work, wedding prep, and watching Dexter reading, we managed to  tile the tub surround and build the vanity.   We built a header and applied cement board, as we decided to tile the ceiling in the bathtub surround too!......picture #2 &3. 
 As the wedding day approaches, we have decided to pour the concrete countertop after the festivities.  We are just looking at getting the bathroom usable for our out of town guests.
  We built a temporary top and used leftover floor tile for the job.  We also went to the Re-store and found an old sink complete with a faucet.  I was originally going to paint the vanity white because of the old closet doors and footboard from an old bed that were used in the construction, but after seeing the wood front sanded, I decided to go with dark stain. (Not done yet).   The inside was painted with melamine paint.    That's where we are now!
Stay tuned!