Sunday, February 26, 2012

Simple Art Project

I started with two 70 x 90 cm canvases

Covered them in fabric

I cut fabric larger than my canvases

Sprayed some adhesive on the canvas

Put the canvas down on the wrong side of fabric

Pulled each side of fabric in and stapled

Then I pulled the corners in and stapled.


I cut out my letters of a song (What A Wonderful World),  onto a clearance roll of mac-tack that I found at the department store with a Cricut cutter. 

I used a sewing pencil and evenly spaced my boards so that I would have a line to follow while placing my letters.  I played with them a bit to find the best look.

 I used Kilz primer and coated both boards.  I then used some cream colored craft paint and put two more coats on

This is primed.  Add two more coats of paint for good coverage.  I forgot to take a picture when I had completed my paint coats.

I mixed up some linseed oil, naphtha, and acrylic raw umber. 

Rub the mixture all over the canvases.

I felt that this added an aged look to the canvas.

Now the fun part.  Start peeling off all the letters.

This is it.  Now to put them in their final home.