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Jeweled Sparkling Christmas Wreath

$225.00 plus shipping
email feralturtle@gmail.com for more information.  


Dress your wine bottle with a cute little tomte.  Watch in delight as this little guy lights up the face of even the biggest of wine snobs.  After he is done watching over his bottle of wine, he becomes a tree decoration!
With some hand stitching and a gorgeous beard, he will be the hit of the wine community!
Pick your beard color
Beards available in:
dark brown
grey (as shown above)

Hats and bodies available in most colors!

$18.00 each
or 3 for $45.00
Email me    feralturtle@gmail.com   for a custom invoice.

Shipping available.  Please email me at feralturtle@gmail.com for a shipping quote.
Orders  for shipping are now finished for 2018 but are being taken for 2019 Christmas.
If you are local to Calgary and area, you can still order until Dec 20th 2018 for pickup only.
Feral Turtle Designs accepts PAYPAL.

Feral Turtle Designs Presents

Beaded Spider Mobile/Suncatcher
Created from glass beads and unique faces, this spider art is sure to catch wows and terrified "eeks" from all. Hanging from an old gnarly branch and a single beaded string, this sparkling delight is approx. 40.5 inches from top to bottom and 13 inches wide.  Shipping to Canada and U.S. only.  All funds are in Canadian dollars.
$20.00 shipping to Canada and US

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