Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Going All Halloween On You.

 Being the great armchair traveller that I am, I thought I would do a review on 

The management has slashed their prices in half.

  Customers are dying to dine at their

 and their desserts keep you coming back for more!

Each room is decorated tastefully not scrimping on luxury!
  You'll feel like you are sleeping on a pillow of leaves surrounded by

Friendly Bellhops waiting to take your life....luggage

They even grow all of their own soup ingredients picked fresh daily!

They also keep their guests updated on

Unfortunately they are now fully booked for the Fall season!
You can still book for next year......

Pull Apart Pumpkins and Zombie Warnings

A ginormous, huge, colossal, monstrous crazy ass puffball mushroom
 growing wild in the back pasture......

and then my gardening skills :(

Being the fantastic gardener that I am.....
not one pumpkin plant produced a single pumpkin this year.
Well that's not exactly true.  One plant started to grow a pumpkin,
 which quickly turned yellow and rotted.

How spooky is that!
I decided to build the un-rotten kind...ones that
 I could count on for years to come.
I am cramming Halloween into this final week.
  I truly had all this done two weeks ago but I haven't
 been on my computer much this past while as real life got in the way.
Damn real life, it's overrated. 

A few years ago I made these 3D Christmas trees and
 thought how brilliant I was cuz I could take them apart to store them.
Yah not so much.
 I ended up with pine cone debris
 all over when I slid them apart

But I have aged in wisdom, not years..... and finally,
I can store something away without its demise

I used all scrap wood for this project.  I cut 2 squares, measured the width
 of the boards and slotted each piece exactly half way up 

Cut the corners off on a diagonal.

 Orange paint mixed with water makes the perfect stain.

 Twigs cut into short pieces and attached with a dab of hot glue make the perfect stems.

Just pull them apart, lay flat in my ever growing
dollar store paraphernalia Halloween box,
and I can store them away until next year!

No rotten mess to clean up!  If I am really lazy, and
 forget to clean off the cobwebs when I add these pumpkin delights to
 my ever growing collection,
 we could be the proud parents
 of some baby spiders......how lucky is that!
I guess I shouldn't joke about that as we all know
 my obsession with the beaded kind.

This was a quick dollar store craft.  It has been out since the
 beginning of September and has held up perfectly!
 A scrap piece of OSB stained with some dark brown paint was used as the base.
 I put a coat of contact cement on the back of the Dollar Store poster and on the front of the OSB and applied the sign when both piece were dry.

A few coats of white glue mixed with water and out she went, on an old flagpole....warning any guests to stay away or succumb to brain food!

Happy Halloween!

Creepy Hollow Inn....Sign Of The Times

Just thought I would pop by and share
 my new spooky with you.
We decided to expand our horizons
 and become Inn owners!

Creepy Hollow Inn!

I saw a few of these sign designs on Pinterest and loved them!
I knew this would be the perfect display to let our
 guests know they had arrived at their destination.

Now I can't seem to get rid of the birds.

Most of this was built with scrap wood.
  The post is from our old bed frame from over five years ago.
  Hoarding has it's place!

 I mixed a few tablespoons of white Thinset (tile Mortar)
into a yogurt container half full of acrylic paint.  This stuff mixes
 up gritty but seems to stick to anything. 
It's called "Creepier Than Chalk Paint" and is
great for the underworld and haunted houses.

 I built the sign using cutoffs from our new Master Bedroom Project.  I still have a pretty good supply of scrap tongue and groove boards left too!

A good slather of red paint was poured in my hands.  I rubbed them together and then....
I grabbed on for  life.......

and I grabbed on a little more, and then more again!

 Using Microsoft Word, I created a sign which (WITCH) 
 was laminated to keep it safe from the snow we had last night.

I had to break down and buy a buck worth of chain. 
Lazy me took a shortcut as I only had a short piece of 2x2. 
 I cheaped out on the base and it was somewhat tippy.
  When the sign was hung, it became more unstable. 
 Below you will see the proper base.  Cuz its all about the base!
It stands proudly, without tipping now!
Reservations are now being accepted but we are totally
 booked for the next few months.
Like I said, I can't get rid of those birds.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Faux Candy Apples

I love to trick people and when I saw these faux candy apples at
  Stow and Tell U's post a few weeks ago, I nearly fell out of my shell!

  I knew I had the supplies on hand to trick everyday
 folk into taking large bites of Styrofoam. 
 We could laugh together as they
 beat me down with the remaining apple stick. 

 I seem to have a thing for faux fruit. 
 You can see more apples here:
I started by drilling some pilot holes in the
 apples so that I didn't collapse the fruit when
 inserting the twig.

Glue and paint were mixed just like the instructions at
 You should pop over and see her apples.  They are suweeeeet!

Glue paint was poured over the apples

and a few sprinkles were added! (one more step in my trickery)

After they were dry, I sprayed each apple with a few coats of satin clear coat spray paint.  Gloss paint would have been more suitable, because who doesn't like shiny things.  You gotta use what's on hand.

You guessed it!  It wouldn't be Feral Turtle if there weren't any spiders....
For permanent adhesion, I opted out of hot glue and used contact cement.  Worked like a charm.   

 I decided to use them at our Thanksgiving buffet for labeling food.  I was going to use them as name placement cards but being trapped at a table full of hungry peeps would have me  dodging flying sticks.

Somebody actually screamed and threw one of the apples on the ground shouting spider obscenities.  Poor Charlotte didn't know what hit her.

After straightening out her legs, she was fine,
 although hours later I found her swimming in the punchbowl
 singing old Irish folk songs. 

 Somebody spiked the punch! 

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