Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Faux Candy Apples

I love to trick people and when I saw these faux candy apples at
  Stow and Tell U's post a few weeks ago, I nearly fell out of my shell!

  I knew I had the supplies on hand to trick everyday
 folk into taking large bites of Styrofoam. 
 We could laugh together as they
 beat me down with the remaining apple stick. 

 I seem to have a thing for faux fruit. 
 You can see more apples here:
I started by drilling some pilot holes in the
 apples so that I didn't collapse the fruit when
 inserting the twig.

Glue and paint were mixed just like the instructions at
 You should pop over and see her apples.  They are suweeeeet!

Glue paint was poured over the apples

and a few sprinkles were added! (one more step in my trickery)

After they were dry, I sprayed each apple with a few coats of satin clear coat spray paint.  Gloss paint would have been more suitable, because who doesn't like shiny things.  You gotta use what's on hand.

You guessed it!  It wouldn't be Feral Turtle if there weren't any spiders....
For permanent adhesion, I opted out of hot glue and used contact cement.  Worked like a charm.   

 I decided to use them at our Thanksgiving buffet for labeling food.  I was going to use them as name placement cards but being trapped at a table full of hungry peeps would have me  dodging flying sticks.

Somebody actually screamed and threw one of the apples on the ground shouting spider obscenities.  Poor Charlotte didn't know what hit her.

After straightening out her legs, she was fine,
 although hours later I found her swimming in the punchbowl
 singing old Irish folk songs. 

 Somebody spiked the punch! 

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