Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Closet Befores....a little late, cuz I forgot I had all these pictures!

In the beginning,  there was this mess.
This is the old kitchen.  It was a long room which extended right back through all the clutter, to the little window that used to sit over the sink.
 #1 door was the old master bedroom.....# 2 door (no pun intended) was the main bathroom....and #3 is where the wall was built to divide the new bathroom from the new master bedroom.

This is looking into the new master bedroom.
I used to spend hours washing dishes, gazing out that window.
Can't say I miss the view.  Man invented dishwashers for a reason!

I used to keep my spices in that cupboard. 

A wall was built to separate the new master bedroom from the new bathroom.  You can see that project here!

If you refer back to the first picture, this was behind door #1.

Where the bed was crammed.
and where we would cram all our clothing.

Let the building begin!
 And with the magic of  time lapse it is!

I built a freestanding cabinet with drawers. 

Originally I was going to build a vanity where the chair is but plans changed and I added a dresser and cube storage to that area.  I refurbished an old piece of furniture from my Grandma, and now use that as a vanity.  You can see that project here!

I found an awesome girly light full of glamour and glitz, but mostly the price was right.
20 bucks!!
Ceiling got a new coat of white paint.   Don't be a  popcorn hater!  It's only a closet.

Drywall was added to the laundry area.
And this was all before the previous tiling post which you can read about, here!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Master Bedroom on a Sabbatical.

Canada Ceiling Tiles shipped the wrong tiles.   I was so excited to continue on in the bedroom and then I opened the box to find these.  

Bubbles are great but I prefer them in my beer, plus I think my bedroom would have looked like a space walking mouse, nibbling on a piece of swiss cheese. 


I phoned the company and talked to Steve.  Nice guy, said he would fix the situation, but not in time for the start of the week or by the looks of things, not this next week either.   
Moving forward into the laundry room / master closet.  The laminate flooring from the bedroom will extend into this area, but because of the washing machine sharing this space, I decided to add some ceramic floor tiles into the mix. 
 Went to the Re-Store and found 26 porcelain tiles measuring 13"x13" for 20 bucks!   
Cement board is attached to the floor.

Tiles were dry fit and cut.  I only broke two???  Luckily I bought two boxes!

I had some white thinset left over from another tiling job so I was able to use it up.

All grouted with leftover grout from this job!
Now I can extend the laminate from the bedroom, into the closet/laundry room!  
On those damn ceiling tiles, I swear I am cursed.  I guess I am just destined to have to wait!  The jury is still out on Canada Ceiling Tile's service and products. 
 You can visit part two of the bedroom makeover here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stenciled Placemats

Walking though the dollar store can lead to some pretty amazing finds, like the plastic rock you hide your spare house key in by the front door!  How genius.....everyone should have one of these.    I have three!  We can flash neon signs saying "Burglars Welcome Here"! 
My daughter on the other hand, being somewhat more savvy than I, needed placemats for her beautiful oak table.  She was looking for something durable and cute, to protect the beautiful finish on their oak table passed down from her in-laws.   She spied some welcome mats and realized she could cut them in half and get two. 
That's Jack...A.K.A. Doody, her foster dog!

She mimicked the corners of her cuts, to match the original rounded corners on the carpets.

Taking it a step further, she created stencils using some scrap paper and tape.

A bit of spray paint from the stash.

Some gorgeous black and bronzed placemats adorn her table.    Being weather resistant, they will be sure to protect even her sloppiest of visitors (the mommas) spills!  Well I am off to hide some more keys in those adorable little rocks!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Master Bedroom Part Two

Back at Ghetto Inn, room service is a sham but the view is looking up.  My first step  was to fix the walls with a bit of mud.  Molding was added to doors and walls.

 Have you ever bought oops paint?  Oops, somebody hates it so I get it for ten bucks....score!  This mistake is called Sea Lion, I call it blackish.

All the pine boards were hand painted with a shiny new coat of white  paint. 

I really should be careful when using the word 3-way in a bedroom post!  

  A good example of all the shades of white.  Who knew!   Some intense paint therapy is needed!

Some underlay preps the floor for it's final coat!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the styrofoam ceiling tiles.   They were shipped seven days after my order, and according to my tracking number, they have landed!    Eleven days (May 5- May 16) isn't as bad as a month.   I guess that's why I paid double the shipping charge for tiles travelling three thousand kilometers versus half the shipping for forty five hundred kilometers????  Why is Canada Post so expensive?   I love you Canada but I don't love the postal service!
 Happy May Long to all my Canadian friends!  For all my non Canadian friends, this is a nice long weekend to celebrate camping in the snow and rain!    After all, we are Canadian!  
Oh, and Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!  Hmmmm how come we don't celebrate King Henry VIII's birthday?  Perhaps he chopped off one too many heads!
You can see part one HERE!  Not the head chopping part, but the bedroom!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Master Bedroom Part One

This post is not for the faint hearted! 
 I sleep in a dive.
  It kinda looks like some old condemned motel room but worse. 
   Holes in the floor, ceiling, and walls, peeling paint,
 a patched hole where I blew the pressure cooker up. 
 Yep, if anything happened, it definitely happened here. 
This was our old kitchen but if you put a bed in it,
 you can call anything a bedroom.  We even dared to call it a  master bedroom!
These walls have been opened for two years.  Luckily for me, this was great inspiration to get the "Hell out of Dodge" in the morning.  Who wants to linger in this little piece of ghetto heaven?

Time for a makeover.  I decided to order some more ceiling tiles, but this time I found a Canadian supplier, not because of  Decorative Ceiling Tiles service or products,
 but because of Canada Customs.
 I would definitely recommend them if you are south of the border as I received excellent service!....and I am definitely not being compensated for that plug!

  This time I found a company in Ontario  Canada Ceiling Tiles   The selection is not as plentiful as Decorative Ceiling Tiles, but the tiles are a little cheaper.   After shipping and tax, it worked out to about the same.  The only plus is, I won't have to pay Canada Customs fees and duty.   Add the exchange rate, and it tipped the scale in my favor.
  Shipping at this point has not happened.  I'm not sure how long it takes a company to box up forty nine egg carton like Styrofoam pieces, but after four days, I figured the coffee break should be over.  
Meanwhile, back to the doomed room from some horror movie......

  I purchased some knotty pine (big hole and some firewood grade) boards from our local Rona store.   The price was right and they did let me return one package of boards that were in realllllllly bad shape!  I used fifteen packages for a grand total of $105.00 Canadian dollars so that's like ten bucks U.S.  Score!!

A lot of holes were filled

Boards were primed, and a bed was moved out for some wall fixing, and mostly because I didn't want to sleep with drywall dust in the sheets.  Although I did sleep with a bat once, but that's another story, and it happened upstairs in the dormer room

A few pieces of molding capped the boards.
Mr. FT gets back home tonight. 
 I wonder what he will think of the Feral Turtle Inn vs. the Feral Ghetto Plaza? 
I wonder if he will get inspired to help install a new window with me on his days off?
I wonder if you are all a little freaked out about the bat?
I wonder if he will serve breakfast in bed? 


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