Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flower Girl Dresses

  I had been surfing the blogs one day and came across an awesome idea for cute little flower girl dresses.  I quickly emailed my daughter the link, which you can see if you  CLICK HERE.  The blog where I found the idea, has an amazing seamstress, which I am not, but she made the concept so easy for me that I figured even I could muster my way through it!   The bride to be (my daughter), decided it was an awesome idea; pillowcase dresses.  After finding the perfect pillowcases, I sat down at my machine and started to sew.  The one I took pictures of  is the second one.  The first was already shipped off for a trial fitting.

I started by folding the pillowcase in half.

Cut out the armholes.  Also trim off the seam on the top of the pillowcase.

It should look something like this when you unfold it.

Press the armhole seam.  I double folded to make a neat finished  seam.

Stitch each  armhole.

Press the edge over  for the top of the dress.  Stitch.

Press over again creating a pocket for your tie to slide through.

Stitch down.

You can make a tie from your own fabric or you can just use a scarf like the one above or maybe a piece of ribbon!

One side will tie into a bow, and the other side creates the strap that sits on the shoulder.

Hopefully we will get some cute shots on the big day with actual models in them, but for now, you can enjoy my stunning new hangers!  They feel like velvet!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wedding Garters

I made two.  One for tossing and one for a keepsake.  

I cut the length of the fabric piece 1 yard?? (I think) by 2 1/2 inches wide.  My elastic was 1".   The second garter is made with 1 1/2" elastic.   This measurement is for your elastic, 2 side stitches, and seam allowance.   Fold in half and press or pin. 

Sew with right sides together and turn right side out. 

Press the seam to the center.

Add the lace.  It was cut to the same length of the tube.

I sewed the top and bottom edge of the fabric to the lace.

Insert elastic

Tuck one end into the other and stitch closed.

Add a bow and, I used a bead but you could use a tiny silk flower to add some bling.

Garter #2

Turning the tube right side out.

While pulling elastic,  I secured the other end to the fabric so I didn't pull it through and have to start again...........  (Just avoiding a Hulk Moment)

Made my little bows

I hand sewed the bows to the fabric.  I was unsure of using hot glue and didn't want the bling to fall off.

Hope she likes them!