Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chai Gift Cards

Today  last year I had an idea.   I dug out some card stock from my stash.

I headed over to The Graphics Fairy and had a look at her labels.  Thanks again Graphics Fairy.

  I found one that of course had tea
 written all over it...
"Galon de Coton" means "Drink Tea and Enjoy!"
Don't read that Magali or Heathers' daughters.  
(I am pretty sure they don't speak
 the same French I do!)
I don't think anyone speaks the same French as me!

  I downloaded it, modified it to make it personal,  and printed four per page.  I tore the labels with a ruler into equal sizes as  I didn't want the edges to look cut. (Actually my scissors were nowhere to be found.) 

  I sewed each one  onto a piece of carcardstock

I grabbed another piece of cardstock, and sewed it onto the back, so that  I formed an envelope with a label on the front. 

Two holes were punched in the top.

 My homemade Chai was put into plastic bags from the dollar store and each card was tied with some ribbon.   To see my chai mix recipe, click H E R E !

Now I don't have to sit and hand write a whole lot of cards.

People who speak French know to drink tea and enjoy.....


Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Christmas Ornament Exchange and a bit of Trickery!

My first ornament exchange was full of trickery! 
  The imposter was Vicky from  "Life on Willie Mae Lane". 
 She was also the one who coordinated this amazing exchange and sent me my parcel!
My package went out to Linda from A LA CARTE and I now have a new friend.
  She is a creative inspiration to me and you should RUN and check her out!
Thanks Vicky for this new friend and a fun exchange!!

It was exciting from the get go.  I received an email from Vicky telling me that my parcel would be late!   The person who got my name was waiting on an item before she could send it out!    I think I had a banner across my head that read "SUCKER!"  Yep I fell for it!  You gotta get up pretty early to fool a turtle.....What time do you get up Vicky?

And then notification came!!
  Off to the post office I ventured.  The post office worker informed me that I couldn't open this huge parcel until Christmas......but I had to blog on the 13th????  She insisted....DECEMBER 25th.  She tried to keep the parcel but I wrestled her down to the ground, grabbed my package and darted out the door.  Off to my sisters to unwrap the parcel.....again another wrestling match, this time with a fur baby.
  Nothing was going to get in my way. 
 Not even a hundred pound dog!

Finally after all of that,  I  untied my box of treasures.....

I LOVE HANDMADE ORNAMENTS....Look how cute these are!

This is just pure genius!  A plastic wineglass with the base removed becomes a cloche!  So beautiful.
Sorry for the blurry picture.  I had to drink the wine and then try to shoot.  Easier said than done.


So cute.

A beautiful Christmas towel and yummy yummy chewy mint candies in a cute tinted  jar complete with a Christmas lid.  In the hand stamped burlap bag, was the gorgeous handcrafted clay ornament.

HMMMMM I wonder what was in there. 
 I didn't see anything...it was empty....are there refills?
These little gems caused the delay of shipping the package.
  I say, "What little gems?"

  There were no delightful, mouthwatering, heavenly chocolate covered pecans
 roasted to perfection......
Nope, not one!

And then this happened 
I think that innocent looking snowman ate all my goodies!  He's not just another pretty face.

Thank you Vicky!
Check out all the fun we had over at here at
Life On Willie Mae Lane
So thoughtful and so much fun!

Friday, November 28, 2014

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas Tree

I seem to acquire a lot of crap in my craft room.
  Most of it just sits and collects dust, but every now and then,
 an "AHhhhhHA" moment strikes.
I blew the dust off, choked a little, and this was the result.

Materials needed:
white paint and brush
dollar store light set (battery operated)
cardboard (cereal box style)
hot glue
styrofoam peanuts

 Create a cone from your cardboard.  Hot glue it into shape and give it a quick coat of white paint.  DON'T GET HOT GLUE ON FINGER AND THEN PUT YOUR FINGER IN YOUR MOUTH....JUST DON'T DO IT!!!

 The tricky part was trying to insert the lights into the peak of the tree.  With a lot of luck and pinched fingers from my small needle nose pliers, I was able to pull the lights through pre poked holes in the cone. 

 Then it was just a matter of gluing the styrofoam peanuts onto the cone. 

Thank goodness the lights worked......
Always check the lights
 to make sure they work before 
you put them in your tree!

To top the tree off, I used a napkin ring.
I think the tree thought I was proposing....
To see my tree collection click here and here!

The result was a tree, numerous hand injuries
and no hot beverages for a few days! 


And for a little Coco Chanel
I base coated the form with pink paint, applied packing peanuts, sprayed tree with some spray adhesive and sprinkled glitter all over.  Some dollar store jewels cascade down and dragonfly embellishments adorn the top....ahh COCO!

  Mr. FT calls me Sparkle and keeps slipping dollar bills in my stocking???

Partying with

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Solar Bear Family

This is a re-post of a post I did a few years ago because I have been too busy to post a new post.  In keeping with the spirit of posts, I thought I would re-post my Solar Bear Post post.

A picture of our unfinished kitchen too!

I was at a craft sale a few years back and shamelessly
 bought a bear magazine holder to copy.
  It was just so beary cute I couldn't resist.
  I built an army until they all turned on me.  Karma I guess, but whatever it was, I knew I had to get rid of the creepy little buggers cuz they just wouldn't stop staring. 
 Off to their new homes they went and off the names came on my Christmas list.
  I figure it would be safer if they were split up.
Material List:
2 - 1x6 spruce or pine board 5 feet 
1 4x4 post 30" long
1- 2x10 - 24 to 30" long
12" of 2x2 cut into three 4 inch pieces
Paint brush
Black paint
Tan paint
Blush (optional)
Protective clear coat
antique medium
solar light
2- 5" Lag bolts
6- 2 1/2" screws
18-1 1/2" screws
$ store scarf (cut into 3 scarves)
wood glue
scroll saw or bandsaw 
or a jigsaw(if you are really motivated)
sander and sandpaper
drill bit and drill for solar light 

The pattern pieces were freehanded but I put the measurements under the pics in case you are interested in having your own family.
Bear heights are 24" 20" and 16"  and the width of the 1x6 boards

5" long by about 3" wide

About 7" long by about 3 1/2 inches wide

I cut bear bodies from one board and feet from the other.  The noses were cut from the scrap ends and the feet on a diagonal.  The pictured bears' body parts had been previously screwed.....that doesn't sound very good....what I meant to say is he had a previous life..let's just say I used a recycled board.

Sand all pieces; with "extreme" sanding on the edges.  This helps add a rustic element to the bears.
Base piece cut to 24" and bear supports. cut to 4"

Light post...30"

Paint all the details on the feet, nose, and bear body.

Paint the ears too!  OOPS  I forgot here!

I used real blush for that "I just worked out" look. 

Attach the nose, screwing from the back. 

All the screws are invisible from the front.  I attached the bear to the base block from the front, and then attach the feet from the back.  The feet cover the screws that attached the bear body  to the base block.  Hope you followed that cuz it made me dizzy just to type it!

Where are their ears? OOPS!!

Here they are.

Paint the lines in the ears too.

After distressing the bears and post, you might want to add some stain to the distressed areas to darken them.  Also, another boo boo here.  You will want to distress the post and the bears prior to assembly.  I forgot to do this and had to squish my poor hands in and about their bodies.

Clear coat the bears with your choice of sealer.  I used a water based sealer and four years later, they still stand outside, every season......staring at me.

Measure the diameter of your solar light holder and drill a tight fitting hole on the top and center of the lamp post.  I like to drill at least 4 inches in for good support.  You can use whatever solar lights you can find.

  Winter is coming and they wanted matching scarves from Coco Chanel and that's what they got.  I quickly sprayed on some Coco Chanel and ran to the dollar store.  Coco Chanel definitely had her part in the scarves!

Don't stare at the bears cuz it makes them nervous and then it makes me nervous.  I still get nightmares from my little bear army!

Hope you like them!

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