Friday, November 28, 2014

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas Tree

A packing peanut tree seems like a white Christmas to me.

Materials needed:
white paint and brush
dollar store light set (battery operated)
cardboard (cereal box style)
hot glue
styrofoam peanuts

 Create a cone from your cardboard.  Hot glue it into shape and give it a quick coat of white paint. 

 The tricky part was trying to insert the lights into the peak of the tree.  With a lot of luck and pinched fingers from my small needle nose pliers, I was able to pull the lights through pre poked holes in the cone. 

 Then it was just a matter of gluing the styrofoam peanuts onto the cone. 

Thank goodness the lights worked......
Always check the lights
 to make sure they work before 
you put them in your tree!

To top the tree off, I used a silver star napkin ring.
To see my tree collection click here and here!

The result was a tree, numerous hand injuries
and no hot beverages for a few days! 


And for a little Coco Chanel
I base coated a second form with pink paint, applied packing peanuts, sprayed tree with some spray adhesive and sprinkled glitter down the sides.  Some dollar store jewels cascade down and dragonfly embellishments adorn the top....ahh COCO!

  Mr. FT calls me Sparkle and keeps slipping dollar bills in my stocking???
Partying with


  1. Well now, aren't you the clever one! I had some crafty fun last year making cone trees, and they will probably make an encore appearance again this year! I really like the idea of the little lights. May have to retrofit a couple of my trees for added illumination! Thanks for that cool idea!

  2. This is so cute and I love the lights idea, too! You should always have a cup of cool water beside you when working with hot glue. Dip your fingers in and the pain, burn or hotness stops right away!

  3. I especially LOVE the pink Coco tree! I'm such a pink girl. Oh hot glue guns scare me since I'm a bit klutzy! Hope you are OK!

  4. I had an AHA moment tonight in my craft room which consisted of the following information I will gladly share with the public: NEVER use glycerin to coat a brown paper bag, then use a heat gun to speed up the drying process = room FULL of smoke and retired firefighter outside the door asking if I need a fire extinguisher. If I had gone to all that trouble making a tree, I'd be too frugal to use battery operated lights. Electrify that baby!!! (On the other hand.... see the above hint regarding a roomful of smoke).

  5. We need to get together some day and compare craft room pile ups and glue gun burns. Who's are worse, do you suppose? :) We could be poster children for battle scars of the crafters!

    What a fun way to add in a snowy tree to the mix! Though I am NOT dreaming of a white Christmas ;)

  6. I was sticking Christmas balls onto dowel rods the other day and one broke and cut my thumb open ... oh the fun! I love your peanut Christmas tree! And it lights up! And you made a pink one! My crafty cohort! Falalalala!

  7. How clever! And it glows, too. ;) I always seem to burn myself when I use a glue gun...which is why I have seldom used mine--LOL!

  8. Wow! You really have genius moments (I mean when you create the tree, not when you burn your fingers and your tongue!)

  9. I never would have guessed those were packing peanuts, nor that your cone was made from a cereal box. If hot glue is involved, I'm thing even white Christmas dreams have burnt fingers (and mouths, too) LOL.

    Your tree is so pretty, pink or white, it looks so festive in the midst of all your cone trees, (all of which I love)
    Falalala xo

  10. This is great and it gives me an idea for some small styrofoam balls I have. I may have to make one of these! It looks great with your apple trees. Have a wonderful Sunday!

    Blessings, Vicky

  11. This is pure genius!! Both trees are fabulous, but of course I'm loving the pink Coco. Fa la la love it!

  12. Your trees are adorable and the possibilities are endless in making these I bed.
    Thanks for the easy to follow instructions.

  13. Aren't you the creative, resourceful one?! Now I know what to do with those annoying styrofoam balls!

  14. There you go girl, how creative! That was one of the few thing I threw away, now I'm gonna begin saving those Styrofoams too! I love the coco tree!

  15. I second Magali. haha. Some moments way more genius than others ;) This really is clever, Sparkle.

  16. You are amazing. I love this project and how incredible it looks finished. You are so creative and talented and the ideas around this are endless.
    Thanks for sharing and the steps for the lights.
    Hugs for a great December!!

  17. What a clever idea and wonderful tutorial.

    Hugs diane

  18. What a pretty tree Karen !
    You make me laugh out loud - I'm going to try really hard to remember your tip about hot glue and fingers in the mouth - although John's been trying to figure out a way to silence me for years now LOL

  19. I think your craft room and my craft room would be good friends, they have so much in common! :) Super cute trees, I love tree decorations. I just bought a couple (I didn't craft them) for our mantel, simple twig and tiny pine cones. I love the lights too. Have a great day, Sparkle! ;)

  20. I've been gluing those damn peanuts, too. I keep a bowl of ice water next to me for stopping the hot glue blisters. I don't know how our hands survive the holidays with all our crafting! LOL I love your tree,
    Keep sparklin'!

  21. It's a snowman poop tree! Didn't you know?? :)


  22. such true delight! Love the one with the apples as well :)


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