Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Christmas Ornament Exchange and a Poem!

   Vicky from  "Life on Willie Mae Lane"  sent me these wonderful gifts!!
 She was also the one who coordinated this amazing exchange!  So much work.  Thanks Vicky.

Twas the night before gift exchange and all through the mail.

 Canada Post was still acting like  Silly Old Snail.
The packages  tied up with many a bows
And with all that excitement I stubbed my old toes.

With bells and buttons and ribbons and candy
I realized Vicky was more than just handy!

With wine glasses made into beautiful globes
They looked so fantastic  hanging in my abode.

With  beautiful Joy and a tree  full of glam
I looked for my scissors and saw a snowman

So cute.

A big jar of candy that brings such delight
and to all of my Bloggy Friends I wish you  goodnight!

Thank you Vicky!
Check out all the fun we had over at here at
Life On Willie Mae Lane
So thoughtful and so much fun!