Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chocolate Bar Gift Card

Warning:  This card is a little risque....but as you can see, she wasn't born yesterday!

A friend of mine just turned 50!  I made her a chocolate bar card using mostly items from the Dollar Store.  

Supplies needed:
Many chocolate bars (some for eating and some for the card)
2 pieces of the thick white corrugated board
glue stick
single hole punch
fancy scrapbook paper
printer paper
hot glue and gun

The hardest part of the card is trying to make it somewhat personal for your friend.  You'll want to plan what you say and the chocolate bars you will use.  When you have this all figured out, head to the dollar store and buy your bars.  Or you can buy your bars first, like I did, and eat all the unused.  Every country has different chocolate bars.  I am Canadian so these bars are from Canada.  

Print all your sentences out.   My font was bold and set at 22.  I cut all the words and did a dry run with the candy for the best spacing.  It kept it looking fairly neat.
  I used a glue stick for the paper and a glue gun for the candy.  A low melt glue gun would work best, but I didn't have one so use caution as it will melt the wrappers.
The two boards were joined by hole punching down the left side of each board every two inches, and running a ribbon through the holes for the binding.  The front was decorated using my Cricut, scrapbooking paper, and a few embellishments.  If you don't have one of these machines, just use your imagination.  There are so many things you can use on the front of the card.

Remember hanging out with your (AIRHEAD) friends down at the old (MIRAGE)   You would (SNICKER) at all the (NERDS)   Then you met your (SWEETTART) (MR.BIG)   You heard he had a (BIG FOOT) and we all know what the means!!!

He had a (TWIX) up his sleeve and slipped you the (BIG TURK)  which resulted in a (BABY RUTH X 2)   You've travelled the world;  places like New (YORK) and (MARS)

And even though you are turning the big five (ZERO)   We want you to know that you're still one (HOT TAMALE)    From your (EXTRA) (SMARTIE) friends   We (WISH) you and Happy Birthday!!!

Happy chocolate bar eating.....I mean happy card making!

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