Friday, November 18, 2011

Copy Cat Snowman Gift

Welcome back!  I was so inspired a few days ago when I saw some pretty cute snowmen by Laurie Furnell Designs. ***UPDATE   I immediately downloaded the free printable in 2011 but now I see it is no longer available.***  You can go to her Etsy site for a buck and get the download!  It is well worth it!
plaid scarf

case of popcorn

photo paper (lots)

stretchy gloves
Print it onto photo paper.   Trim off the excess at the black lines.  Place the popcorn in the paper, fold it around, and tape the back. 

From one plaid dollar store scarf, cut each scarf about 1 1/2 inches wide..

I tied the scarf around the snowman....careful you don't want to choke the little guy.  I put the stretchy glove on my hand and then put the other one on top, so that they get a pair of gloves out of the deal.  This becomes the hat.
Grab some ribbon from your stash and tie the toque.  

All 32 of them.