Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Seashell Mirror

Unfortunately I had an accident. 
 While carrying  my newly purchased mirror into the house, 
I broke it.😢

 I must mention this wasn't my first attempt at hiding
 the large break. but every time I looked
 in the mirror, all I could see were wrinkles. 😣
I was on Pinterest one evening and saw a gorgeous STUNNING shell mirror, 
With eleven bucks,and seven years bad luck,    
 my attempt at recreating the lovely work of art began.  
With some dollar store shells added to my own collection, I present to you,
 The New Wrinkle Hiding Beach Loving Looking Glass!!!

Not stunning, but not eleven grand either.
It won't be the easiest thing to clean but I'm sure it will hide the wrinkles.....😣
Nope it doesn't do that either.