Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Journey into The Tunnels of Moose Jaw

This is definitely not a travel blog. 
 Usually I have to be dragged out of my quiet
 little world here with a heavy duty blindfold and LOTS of alcohol.

 So there I was, blindfolded and barely standing. 

 This trip was a little unexpected and somewhat spontaneous.
  My kids thought aliens had invaded my body.
They asked me what our family safety code word was and 
 I must have gotten it right cuz next thing I know, 
 I was sitting on the back of this bad boy, ready to
 start our journey to the most bizarre destination.....Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

  Why would we go there?  
  To visit The Tunnels of Moose Jaw!  

 They were amazing! 
This was the waiting area and gift shop.

I was ogling all the beautiful woodwork and brick, until I looked up and saw this

  Truly amazing, and these weren't the fake ceiling tiles either.  You can see my fascination for tiles and how I used them in my own home Here and Here!
When the tour started, I took this picture......

and was quickly told that there were no cameras allowed.
But I had to show you this amazing cupboard.  What blogger wouldn't want to get their hands on this. Maybe use it for some amazing storage in your craft room or a wonderful addition to a I right?  Can you see it in your house?

This was the Passage to Fortune tour, which was probably the best tour, IMHO. 
  A shameful blemish in Canadian history!  

The other tour, Chicago Connection, was more for entertainment.  I must confess that I was ignorant to the fact that Canada also shared in the prohibition act.   Supposedly Al Capone spent time in these tunnels. 

Now for some free advertising for The Days Inn in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

 A big shout out to Misty, the supervisor at Days Inn, who NEVER did bring up the proper remote for our TV! 
  I thought a suite meant a separate bedroom??

This post was not sponsored from Days Inn, in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

  We overpaid for this "suite" all on our own.

 Both fascinating tours.
  If you happen to get to Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, I would tell you to do both tours.  Well worth the $25.00 entrance fee.
Now for the looooong ride home!
Thank God  prohibition was abolished.
   Oh how I wish I would have stolen the pillow from our overpriced, understaffed, poorly maintained hotel room! 


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Old Shutters Become a New Vanity Mirror

Living on an old farmstead has its advantages!   Falling down barns, turn into clothes hangers or vanity mirrors.

The clothes hanger is for another day, but the vanity mirror I will share today.
Warning:  This post is full of many mistakes, and I posted all of them!

It's also long winded and I just couldn't share
 enough pictures....although you
 will disagree about the long winded thing, I am sure.

Who wouldn't want to read every word
 versus looking at a lot of pictures.

I happened to be at a garage sale a few years back and in the free pile were these!

With great hope and eagerness, 
I greedily tossed them into my truck,  and with much excitement sped home to bury them in the shed for nearly eight years. 

Seeing all the fantastic projects using shutters, I knew they would get a second chance.  I wanted to build a couple of shelves like this one!
Julie from Follow Your Heart Woodworking created this beauty. 
 So gorgeous

Sherry from Thrift My House created this little gem!

Unfortunately, I couldn't fit them into my bedroom scheme as first planned. I am holding out for that Smart 60" flat screen TV.  You know, the ones that are so smart, all you have to do is press a button and gourmet food is delivered to your bedside table.   There's the fancier, smarter TV that brushes your teeth and combs your hair, but I am saving that model for retirement.

I had a mirror that my Mom gave me many years ago, but was unable to fasten it to the wall because of a window that's temporarily in the way. 
 (It's an old aluminum window that we call the fly entrance)

 I decided that I needed to make the mirror free standing, so that brings us back to the shutters.
The mirror.
  Disassembled, sanded, and a quick coat of white paint to create a whitewashed look.

Filled the old hinge holes with glue and toothpicks as I needed to put the hinges in the same place.

Attached first shutter with hinges.

Both shutters hinged to mirror.

Place Mistake Here......
Mistake #1: Trying to use rough exterior  plywood for the top.

Mistake #2  Trying to make it look pretty with some dollar store jewels and paint :(

What was I thinking?? And who cut that out?  Were they drunk?

What a goof up!
 If it weren't for some poor quality measuring, I might have actually used the damn thing.

I cut six pieces of plywood, three for each shutter and cut a dado into each piece.  This will secure a piece of 1/4" mdf to create a bottom.

I used a leftover piece of barn board for a molding to cover the exposed plywood edge.  I guess I forgot to show you how I glued the bottoms into the dado, but that's what I did!

As you can tell from the bats in the mirror, this post was originally drafted last fall.    Anyways, with the magic of blogland, I created this new top while you weren't looking. 

The boxes were attached with screws from the back of the shutters.  This will create a bit of storage for brushes, etc.

Dollar store coat hooks were steadied on some styrofoam....

...for a shiny coat of white paint.

Hooks for everything!!  

A hanger for the blowdryer!

A fancy pearl edge around each box.

At this point you would hope the post would be over.

 until I saw how tacky that K looked!  It's gotta  go :( 
Check out that twenty dollar girly light.  It's a darker purple grey color.  Love at first light!!!
(This post was written last year....another post sitting in my draft box)
You can see the light and the deal I got on it HERE.

Back to the drawing board.

 A whitewash coat of paint was applied to the barn board to help mute the dark tones.

I had a wall talk decal from the dollar store that I cut into three quotes.  "Laugh Often" was my pick from the three.
This didn't work out too well.  It wouldn't stick to the old wood, and when I applied spray adhesive to the letters, they stuck together and tore.
 I carefully coated the barn board with spray adhesive and applied the second verse to it...
Voila!!!  It worked and stuck firmly in place.

A piece of fabric covers the mirror as I am still in my very stained pajamas!

Oops here I am.  I guess I forgot to edit myself out of the post.

I waited for months to buy this chair.  It had a wee tear in the corner and they wanted fifty bucks.  

They finally marked it down to $36.00 so guess who gets to dust and shine up that chrome base?  Go me!!

A nice grainy glimpse of her.  I even shined up her bottom and you can't tell.

The shutter even holds some old cards dear to my heart!

 The mirror now sits in my  closet/laundry room, still in front of an old aluminum window,
 "the fly entrance".
  Fingers crossed, we will remove this
 old heap of a window and replace it with a huge Palace staircase, so the flies may have the
 grander entrance that they deserve.  

 Enough about the inside of this old house.   Exciting changes are happening
 outside and I am getting very hungry. 
Stay tuned while I shop for my new Smart TV and build a deck!

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