Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spicing Up An Old Door

Well today was the day.  Decided to fix up the old door.  I wanted it to fit in with the new door that  my daughter and I installed.

Recap of the new door

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Making a Redneck Wineglass or Two

My daughters boyfriend recently celebrated a birthday.  In addition to an awesome wine kit as a gift, I felt that he would greatly benefit from some redneck fancy wineglasses.  I went to the dollar store and purchased two  clear glass candle holders, some epoxy, and the rest of the supplies I had on hand.  I have some round labels that I am able to print on my printer, so I called it a Universal Redneck Beverage Glass and used some graphics from my print program.

 I used some wide mouth mason jars (500 ml) with the lids.

I mixed up the epoxy and spread it generously around the perimeter of the jar.  I centered the jar on the candle holder and let it set up overnight.  
I put the label on the lid and screwed the ring on.  If you don't have labels, you could easily cut out a circle and glue it to the lid with some fancy personal art work.  I also ran the glass through the dishwasher to ensure that I had a good bond with the epoxy.  Seemed to be very secure.  It was a hit.  He even sent me a picture to show that he was enjoying wine in it.  This would make a great gift to accompany a bottle of wine.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Installing A New Door

Good day to all my fellow bloggers.  As this is my first post to blogland, I want to thank all the many blogs I follow, stalk, peep on, and just read.  I have been inspired in so many ways and also have been amazed to see what  many women are capable of.  It makes me proud to be a woman.

My husband and I decided to build on years ago.  We built on an awesome addition which houses a wonderful kitchen, a large front entrance, a staircase to our basement, a woman cave.....which used to be my sons bedroom, then daughters bedroom, and a man cave which was at one point a rumpus room.  We installed a hydronic heating system (which my hubby designed and fabicated)   on both levels of the addition.  We live in a house which is over 100 years old.  Many mistakes were made through the years on previous tenants renos.....AGGHHHHHHHH......but we are slowly trying to fix them one job at a time.  We kinda ran out of steam but are back on it again.  We have started renos in the old part of the house.  One of the first was to put a door into our family room.  This is the first part of renos as we will be putting in a bathroom which will close off  access to our family room.  The door opening and install was done with the help of my daughter.  As she has her own home now, she is an eager free laborer and hard worker learner for when she starts her own renos, and has been quite helpful to me.  As the passage isn't done yet, (drywall must be removed for electrical) I will show you pictures up to that point.

   We will start at the end....The door install completed

Assembling the door jamb

Installing the jamb

The top of the jamb installed
Putting the door on the hinges.  Fits great!