Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spicing Up An Old Door

Well today was the day.  Decided to fix up the old door.  I wanted it to fit in with the new door that  my daughter and I installed.

Recap of the new door

 I measured the two panels of the above door to determine where my moulding would go.  I painted some chalkboard paint on the bottom so little visitors could leave there artwork behind.

My next step was to cut a piece of cork board to fit for the upper panel.  I also wanted to cover it in a neutral fabric instead of having the plain corkboard show.  I stapled the fabric on the back of the cork, so I can easily change it if I get bored with the grey.

I now cut some free oak moulding into the lengths to mimic the panels on the on the opposite door.  I used my mitre saw but this could easily be done with a hand saw and mitre box.  I nailed the mouldings on with finishing nails.
I taped the cork and chalk boards off and started the paint job.  I first primed the door with a quality primer and then used a baseboard and trim paint.
After two more coats of paint, I decided to call it done.
I am pretty happy with the results.  But most of all I am happy with the cost.  FREE.  I had the paint, fabric which were purchased for a previous job, the bulletin board was a large one that I had acquired for free and cut into four smaller ones, and the oak moulding was given to me from a friend of my Dads.  I still have to purchase a door handle to match the family room handle, so I guess there will be some cost involved....but not yet.  Also I didn't paint the trim as I will be replacing it after the bathroom wall is in.   That  way all the trim work will be the same.
  Hope you have a great day!


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