Friday, July 1, 2011

Making Recycle Bins From A Sonotube

I was tired of boxes and bags housing our recycling.  Wanted something somewhat aesthetically pleasing.  Ahhhh idea....As I already store my empty milk jugs and pop cans in garbage bags, why not make it look pretty.  

I started with a height for the 16" diameter tubes.

I needed a garbage bag to fit inside and to touch the floor without pulling down  the bag when filling up.  I decided on 23".  I measured all the way around the tube and then used a ruler and joined the marks.
A knife doesn't work...too hard.

  I used a jigsaw to cut it.

I smoothed the edges with sandpaper as the saw left them a little rough

I had to mark a straight line as a guide so the wallpaper I was using would stay straight

The tube is now ready for the wall paper.  I roughly pre-measured my pieces.

I have a wallpaper tray complete with a hole  (duct tape fix) which makes life much easier. 

Time to apply the paper.  Oh Oh.....It's not sticking...yikes....I quickly get some white glue and put on the edges to help it stick. It works

Wallpaper complete.  Had to trim off the edges.

I  used trusty chalkboard paint for labeling the bins.  Had some leftovers from another project that I worked on.  Just with a tape measure, I measured out a square and free hand painted the square on.  Probably should of taped it off.

I wasn't overly happy with it yet.  I decided to tart it up.   I used the width of a ruler and drew around what I had painted, and then drew another line the width of the ruler around that line.  Hope you got that straight.  Photo to follow

Painted the second area and voila.....It's done.  I finished the edges with black electrical tape carefully wrapped around the bottom and top.
These recycle bins would be great made in smaller tubes too.  Just measure them to fit whatever garbage bag you intend to use.    I use them for bottle depot cans, aluminum cans, paper or anything that I can recycle.  Although I hide them in a closet, I think they would look great if they had to be left out.  The only cost to me was the sonotube.  The wallpaper was leftovers, the paint was purchased for my glass containers, and the tape and glue is something we just have on hand.   I also gave my sister 23" for her pop cans recycle bin.    I found the tube a little pricey...about 50 bucks, but I have alot left over.  I have an awesome idea...Wait till you see what's next!


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