Friday, July 1, 2011

Making Recycle Bins From A Sonotube

I started with a16" diameter sonotube.

I needed a garbage bag to fit inside and to touch the floor without the sides of the bag falling into the tube when recycling was thrown in there.   I decided on 23".  I measured all the way around the tube and then used a ruler and joined the marks.

  A jigsaw seemed to be the best option for making the cut!

I smoothed the edges with sandpaper as the saw left them a little rough

I had to mark a straight line as a guide so the wallpaper I was using would stay straight

Applying the wallpaper was a little tricky so I added some white glue to the paper.  This seemed to do the trick.

Wallpaper complete.  Had to trim off the edges.

Some chalkboard paint,  a bit of free hand painting, and a nice little label is created.

It needed a little something more....

I painted a border around the label.
 The top and bottom edge were finished with a wrap of  black electrical tape.
These work great for storing recycles and now I don't have garbage bags falling over losing their contents!