Monday, July 4, 2011

Wine Storage from a Sonotube

As  home winemakers, and lots of raspberries, wine storage becomes important.

The finished product

I first measured a wine bottle to determine the length of each tube.  I decided on 11 inches.

 Next, I cut some plywood for the inside.  Each tube would need one piece to divide the tube in half.  Then two smaller pieces to divide the tube into quarters.  This will be determined by the size of your sonotube. 

Plywood was cut to size and added to the interior.
Using a pocket screw, the boards were joined and  secured to the sonotube with screws. 

 Screw holes were filled with wood filler.

Next step was to fit them all up to see what it would look like.  I was satisfied with this shape but you of course, could stack them, anyway you want.

The tubes got two coats of red acrylic paint 
and then I went over them with a dark walnut stain to give them an old world look.  
The next step proved to be a challenge.  Putting these circles together was not easy as my drill was to big for pilot holes.  I had to figure out the location of the bolts and take it apart to drill pilot holes from the outside of each tube.  It's tedious but necessary.  I used stove bolts, washers and nuts to assemble the tubes.

It's final resting place will be in the basement, hopefully full of raspberry wine.