Saturday, July 9, 2011

Welcome To Our Guest Bedroom Before The Dormers

This used to be the master bedroom, but every time I tried to
 jump on the bed, I would bump my head on the ceiling.

Plus our big mattress wouldn't make it up the stairs!
But the deal breaker was location to the bathroom.  So there you have it,
the whole story!

This was a headboard  created from an old door.    


I also built a shelf to match my headboard.  I used the same technique to build it, and was able to scrounge three glass door knobs for the hangers.  The paint finish was the same as the headboard.
A flat dark brown base with a crackle finish in a pale yellow for the top coat.

An old trunk from my wonderful sister created an awesome side table for the bed and holds one of my cool lamps I found for four bucks.

The was one of two  hideous rainbow colored  shades I scrounged from a liquidation place.  I added some trim and painted them  with a gold base and a brown crackle finish topcoat.

An old antique frame hangs for the ghosts picture!  You probably can't see him in there cuz he's a ghost.

So that's my guest room for now.  It will be different in the future, (maybe a year or so). I guess these will become the before pictures.  Stay tuned for the dormers.