Friday, July 15, 2011

Ceramics...A Day Out

Ever looking for something to do where you can be an artist?  Try ceramics.   Two of my favorite projects have been our fancy shoe serving trays.....

and making our very own Lampe Bergers.  If you aren't familiar with what Lampe Bergers are, just google them.  They are supposed to purify the air.

 Usually soap dispensers work, as the diameter of the opening fits the Lampe Berger kits.  I have only been able to find this shape, (photo below) at the ceramics places but I recently found a new place and spied a square one.  On my next outing I think I will try my hand and post a picture, but for now, here is the only style that I have done.

I purchase my kits for the fragrance lamps from  Her name is Nancy and I must say I have never dealt with a nicer woman.  Her products are of great quality and her shipping is A one.  She packages up her product thoroughly, and you even get a sample of fragrance oil to make your own lamp oil.   She has numerous tops available, and no I am not benefiting from this plug....she just has really great stuff!! 

I am not sure of the price in U.S. for Lampe Berger fuel, but here in Canada, it is crazy,  $25.00 for a bottle and I can burn that in about 2 days.  YIKES.  Here is a recipe that I use, although I never have distilled water on hand so I just use the rubbing alcohol and oil.

Lampe Berger Oil Recipe
1 - 500 ml. bottle of 99% rubbing alcohol
30 drops of essential or fragrance oil
1 tsp. distilled water
Shake thoroughly, fill your lamp up to 3/4 full, light it up and enjoy.