Friday, April 19, 2013

A Newish Vanity

I have been kinda MIA for a bit.  Why?  Well I have been making like  "Dexter" and plastic wrapping my closet/laundry room.  Kinda like his kill room but for other intentions.  Soon I will post about it...not the killing of course, just the building part of it. And yes, flies have died in the making of this room!
  Anyways, back to the vanity!
It's just paint and legs but here she is....

This came from my Grandma  :)

The top has seen better days.

A secret compartment....well it used to be a secret.

A home for dust.


A nut is epoxied into the hole and left to set.


I decided I wanted it counter height so I added legs.  I screwed them in to  the epoxied nuts.

I used some fantastic wallpaper I scored from Lowes!  Got it for 2 bucks!

Just in case I ever inherit the Queens Crown Jewels.  Don't wanna leave anything to chance;  a lovely red velvet home for them! 

I haven't staged this piece.  It will be in the exact place that it is, except the "Dexter" wrap will be gone, the floor will be finished and maybe, just maybe there will be baseboard.  But that's another episode, so stay tuned for the new season starting this fall.    That means the floor will hopefully get done in the fall....baseboard to follow.  But I will share what's going on above the floor very soon!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Glue Gun Holder

Somethings can be very frustrating, like when your glue gun sticks to your work surface.

  I was cruizin a post that was featured on Craft: Daily and came across this awesome little project.

The Amazing Glue Gun Holder

  I changed my pattern up, but the outcome is the same!
Materials needed:

I cut this all from scraps of wood.
I used a 6x6 tile....if you use a smaller one, you could make your holder smaller!
1 pc. 3/4 inch plywood or MDF: 11 x 8
1 pc. 1/4 inch plywood or MDF: 11 x 8
1 pc. 3/4 inch plywood or MDF: 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 one side cut on an angle.

I cut the edge of the plywood on an angle.  This will make the holder for the glue gun.   I made my angle cut first for safety as I didn't want to run a tiny piece of plywood through the table saw.    I  cut the other piece from this scrap too.  My 1/4 inch piece was cut at the same time to ensure an exact fit.  (Every time I made a cut on the 3/4 inch piece, I did the same to the 1/4 inch piece before I changed my guide on the table saw.  This ensures and exact fit of the  11 x 8 pieces.)
I placed the tile on top of the 1/4 inch MDF, where it would be in the finished position and traced around it.

Drilled the four corners so I could fit my jigsaw in there to cut out an inside square.

I  placed the 1/4 inch wood on top of the 3/4 inch plywood and marked the center of the cutout onto the 3/4 inch  piece.  I drilled a hole in the 3/4 inch ply.  This is used to pop the tile out for cleaning.  You can just stick your finger through the bottom of the plywood and push the tile out.

The glue gun holder is marked on the straight side.  This will create the hole that the glue gun will sit in.
I used a large bit for the round part of the hole.  This ensures a better curve than my unsteady hands with a jigsaw.  I used the jigsaw to cut the straight part of the cuts.

These are the parts that you should have.

Assembly was done with glue.  The 1/4 inch wood was place on top of the 3/4 inch plywood so that the finger hole is centered in the square cutout of the 1/4 inch piece.    I propped the glue gun holder part (5 1/2 x 5 1/2 piece) using what I had on hand, which turned out to be the glue bottle for one and a spray pump bottle for the other.

I drilled two pilot hole up through the bottom at an angle to firmly secure the holder to the base.
I countersunk the screws so they won't scratch the surface of your work area.
The unpainted finished product!

I painted them both a bright color so they are easily spotted in the clutter of a craft room!

Tile is popped into place after paint dries and your glue gun is ready for action.

This is one of the first ones I made.  I put nail tacks on each corner to hold the 1/4 inch plywood to the 3/4 inch plywood.  I realized this was not necessary so I didn't bother to do it on the last two I made.

Now I am ready for a glue gun party.
  People have those, right?


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