Thursday, September 29, 2011

Installing Air Conditioning in our Bigfoot

Yes, we are Canadian and we have a Bigfoot......No not The Bigfoot......a Bigfoot.  lol    My husband bought a portable air conditioner for our trailer.    Air conditioning units from an RV store are upwards of $1000.00  which is too much of money.  I wouldn't suggest this for a family of four in such a small trailer, as it does eat up valuable floor space, but it works for us. Also we have the option of using our air conditioner else where. Step one was to figure out where to put it.  We decided in keeping with the idea of a totally sealed unit, we wouldn't compromise any possible air leaks.  Bigfoot trailers are famous for being a totally sealed unit,  and as far as I have seen, I would agree.  We are completely mouse proof.  We removed the screen and of course put it in storage in case we decide to sell our Bigfoot.

  First step was to mark out the pattern of the screen onto an old cupboard door.

We cut it out with the table saw and band saw and then set up the table saw for a dado blade.

The sides were rabbeted in order for it to fit the same way the screen fit in the window track. 

The old door was sanded, a hole was cut into it for the vent and we traced a picture of Bigfoot on the outside and painted it on.

  We clear coated  the new window vent cover and screwed the plastic vent fitting onto the wood. 

Voila. It turned out great and very user friendly.
 We can close the window to seal the trailer up from rain and for storage, and when its hot outside, we can turn on the airconditioning for a great sleep. 

We store the unit under the table as most dining takes place outside.  We can still have coffee and dine at the table as there is just the two of us.  Guess who gets the vent side?  lol.   If it's raining out, we can pull the vent off and slide it completely under the table out of the way.