Thursday, November 10, 2011

Copycat Homemade Cleaner

This morning I was reading through my blogs as my morning is somewhat longer because of this daylight savings time.  Waking up at 4 am is getting to be somewhat old......but on the high note, my day is longer, which gives me some morning reading time on blogville. And I am able to do a quick post on a homemade cleaner that I found from  Here, but I actually went  to this site to get the recipe...This Is The Recipe I Used.

 Homemade Cleaner
4 Cups Water
7/8 cup brown sugar
1 Large Pineapple carcass
And then I added 2 more cups of water and
3/8 more cup of brown sugar

  We recently had a fresh pineapple so......For people with weak stomachs, PLEASE skip this next part......(((Dug into our compost pail, that was extremely full and smelled a a lot..... and pulled out a very ripe pineapple carcass.)))  OK weak ones....You can read again.  I gathered all the ingredients together and took a picture of course.

I measured my sugar into a gallon glass jar as I didn't have a plastic juice bottle because of Our Carbonated Water System.  Haha!  I knew I could slip a link in here from my own blog.

Poured my water in to join the sugar. 

I sliced  the pineapple remains and realized I had more than the recipe called for, so I added more sugar and water. 

I covered the jar with some plastic wrap and put an elastic, well actually it's a hairband cause I couldn't fine an elastic in the junk drawer.

I really need to clean and organize my drawers soon.  No blog on that....too embarrassing...and so here we are.....waiting, waiting and waiting.
  In February, I hope to be scrubbing my toilet and watering my plants with this miracle juice.  I will keep you posted

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  1. Hi Karen! cleaning and organizing drawers are also in my to do list. You are not alone :D

  2. LOL! I use vinegar a lot to clean things if you're looking for something quicker - no good for watering your plants though! I tried making nettle juice for plant food once, but the smell - euugghh - never again. :)


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