Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine Gift Bags

I decided to make cute little Valentine gift bags.

Here is the old bed skirt and what became of it.....

I used the seam ripper and brute force to undo the seams!  Such fun.

Iron and fold in half and iron again.

Re-purpose a Christmas card as a measuring tool.

Cut into desired widths.  My desire was to keep it simple...thus, the Christmas card.

I ironed a finished hem

A contrasting thread color was used.  Red of course, for Valentines Day!

Side seams sewn in white.

Got out my trusty pad and stamp....

Stamp away!

Some red string for a tie.

And look!  I even stamped the back!


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  1. wow! thanks for sharing..

  2. Love the homespun sweetness,

  3. Bravo! What an awesome job. From bed skirt to totally cute chic little goodie bags! The stamp is so cute. Need to look for a sewing machine this garage sale season. Can't thread them for the life of me, or sew for that matter, but projects like this are just so so inspiring!

  4. Love this! I would have eaten the candy as well..I always have to replace it, no judging here : ) pinning!

  5. So sweet!!! Love the idea! Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial!
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  6. Another clever idea. I like the stamp at the back. I miss my sewing machine. You inspire me to go back to sewing. Thanks for sharing karen. see you around.

  7. This is really neat- girl you always have some cool, crafty ideas… you're the definition of creative. xoxo

    Thanks for stopping by today,

    Maya D

  8. So cute! Thanks for the follow back. I am following you via Pinterest too! Make sure you check out my linky party on Friday! Diana of Diana Rambles

  9. Found you on Thursday Favorite Things, these are so cute! What a clever idea to make them out of an old bed skirt (I love frugal projects!)I really love how they came out.

  10. Adorable. Ok I'm not sure which rock I've been living under but I have never seen stamping on fabric before!! I'm loving it and want to try it asap. Do you have to use a special type of ink?

    oh, and I would have eaten the candy too! LOL.

  11. these candy filled bags are sure to make all of your valentines smile huge!! Easy to follow tutorial too. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

  12. This is so cute. I love the idea of stamping it!

    TQM hopping by, blogging for health: Lipoid Pneumonia, Breast Cancer & Petroleum Jelly and crafting: Valentine Heart Wreath

  13. what a cute and awesome upcycling project! Sshhh, don't tell my husband but I am never going to throw out or donate to Goodwill anything 'cause I see so many great re-purposing projects in Blogland! I'm so glad you shared this at Loving Valentines Day!



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