Sunday, January 13, 2013

Home Remedy Collection: Detox Bath

****Part One****
****Part Two****
Part Three of my Home Remedy Collection series, involves peroxide, ginger, and a bath.  I found this a few weeks ago on the net.  My sister has been pretty sick with a flu bug,  almost like going five rounds with a kicking kangaroo minus the kicking, and the kangaroo, but you get the picture; so I quickly emailed her a link to this post on 
 With ingredients on hand, she dove into a bathtub....a detox bath that is. 
Paris Spa Vacation

 Her body had been achy and generally not well for about a week.  After her first detox bath, she said she felt somewhat better; not as achy.  After three days, she had one more detox bath.   She said she felt almost human again.  "I was sweating for at least an hour after the bath."  Also, she added that she could  kick that kangaroos butt so "Bring Em On".....okay, she didn't really say that, but I figure by next week, after this virus has run its course, she will.   
*  Read the comments on Beauty Bets.  I saw a lot of controversy on bathing in peroxide.  Of course, use your common sense and keep your pregnant self and your kids out of this bath!!! *
Definitely not a cure, but again, a bit of relief. 
Of course these opinions are mine and sometimes you just need a doctor! 
 She gives this remedy a 
*3 out of 5*

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