Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chai Gift Cards

This is an easy Christmas card and gift in one
  I dug out some card stock from my stash.

I headed over to The Graphics Fairy and had a look at her labels.  Thanks again Graphics Fairy.

  I found one that had tea
 written all over it...
"Galon de Coton" means "Drink Tea and Enjoy!"
If you do speak french just ignore that last sentence.
  I downloaded it, modified it to make it personal,  and printed four per page.
 I tore the labels with a ruler into equal sizes as  I didn't want the edges to look cut.
 (Actually my scissors were nowhere to be found.) 

  Each one was sewn onto a piece of card stock  measuring 4.5 x 6.5 inches.

I grabbed another piece of card stock, and sewed it onto the back, so that  I formed an envelope with a label on the front. 

Two holes were punched in the top.

 My homemade Chai was put into plastic bags from the dollar store and each card was tied with some ribbon.   To see my chai mix recipe, click H E R E !
I can take handwriting cards off my list this year.