Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Closet Befores....a little late, cuz I forgot I had all these pictures!

In the beginning,  there was this mess.
This is the old kitchen.  It was a long room which extended right back through all the clutter, to the little window that used to sit over the sink.
 #1 door was the old master bedroom.....# 2 door (no pun intended) was the main bathroom....and #3 is where the wall was built to divide the new bathroom from the new master bedroom.

This is looking into the new master bedroom.
I used to spend hours washing dishes, gazing out that window.
Can't say I miss the view.  Man invented dishwashers for a reason!

I used to keep my spices in that cupboard. 

A wall was built to separate the new master bedroom from the new bathroom.  You can see that project here!

If you refer back to the first picture, this was behind door #1.

Where the bed was crammed.
and where we would cram all our clothing.

Let the building begin!
 And with the magic of  time lapse it is!

I built a freestanding cabinet with drawers. 

Originally I was going to build a vanity where the chair is but plans changed and I added a dresser and cube storage to that area.  I refurbished an old piece of furniture from my Grandma, and now use that as a vanity.  You can see that project here!

I found an awesome girly light full of glamour and glitz, but mostly the price was right.
20 bucks!!
Ceiling got a new coat of white paint.   Don't be a  popcorn hater!  It's only a closet.

Drywall was added to the laundry area.
And this was all before the previous tiling post which you can read about, here!