Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Kitchen Cupboard Organizer. Things I Did While Waiting for Canada Ceiling Tiles to Deliver My Order!

Suffering from a bit of anger and too much coffee,  worked to my advantage.  Probably mostly the coffee, but waiting for my ceiling tiles is becoming quite annoying.  I just found out that good ole Steve lied about getting the tiles shipped out immediately after the long weekend, which here in Canada, was May 19th.  Instead I got an email stating that they would be shipped out May 28th.  Way to go Steve.   What the hell do they do at their warehouse all day?  Knit sweaters for cold sheep?  We are Canadian after all, but this Canadian is tired of being polite!    Anyways, if someone is looking for a good review on Canada Ceiling Tiles, you won't find it here.  They suck!....and you can read about here!
Today while cleaning the kitchen, I crammed my last cookie sheet into this cupboard.

 I forgot to take a before picture but I do have a picture of the shelf that was jammed into the back.  It was only half the depth of the cabinet as I used some scrap wood to build it.  A wire divider from the dollar store was my magic holder for cookie sheets. I shut the door on that fix a few years back.....when it would shut and called it "good enough!"
I didn't even veneer the edges.  It was crap.

  Unfortunately, every time I opened the doors to
 bake some crazy science experiment from Pinterest,
 everything would fall out and onto the floor.
Dado's were cut into a top and bottom piece, (bottom shown).  1/4" MDF was glued into the slots to create dividers for cookie sheets and other bakeware.

Exposed edges were veneered
And then I forgot I had a camera and was supposed to use it.
A trial fit.  I realized I needed one more divider on the top shelf and a lot of paint

Last divider was added and paint was applied.
I wish I could be more patient and apply paint before assembly, but when I get an idea, I just go with it.  So instead, I painted the wood and my arms with a very nice coat of white paint!

Two, handled plastic bins from the dollar store, house food processor and stick mixer parts.

shhhhhhh  a very very early B-day gift for Mr. FT.  Had to make a special place for his new kitchen gadget.
 A sous vide cooker!

 The handle to the frying pan sticks out, but with the setback of the dividers, door clearance is not a problem.
  Whew. (wipe sweat from my brow)

Look at all those shiny labels!  
Hmmmm that reminds me, I better get started on that "knitting sweaters for sheep" project I've been putting off.  Me and Canada Ceiling tiles will keep those poor sheep warm this winter!
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  1. Ok that is sooooo dang smart! Love the little cubbies but I'm dying over the labels! You've got organization down to a science, so impressive! And inspiring! Next up, project kitchen cabs! Thanks for sharing!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. We are looking at getting rid of one of our lower cabinets, so we're going to have to make use of every inch of space--this is a great idea!

  3. Oh, how I love organization with labels!! Awesome! :)

  4. Wow, that is a pretty awesome cabinet storage system you created!

  5. OMG that is fabulous storage. You are so talented with the tools, Karen!!! No more UFC rounds for you, although that might have kept you distracted from the waiting on ceiling tiles..... Cheers to feeling more organized in your kitchen now ~ Amy

  6. You are a lady after my heart. I am a stickler for organization! This post makes me all kinds of happy :)

    I also admire your balls to call out Canada Ceiling Tile for their crappy service. I always see bloggers complaining about crummy service, but when asked by which company, they get all sheepish and won't come off the name. Why complain in the first place if you can't give the full story.

    Canada Ceiling Tile, if you are reading this, I'll chime in too. You Suck!

  7. My chickens need sweaters. Just saying, seems you've got some time on your hands. :) I need this organization for my baking cupboard. It is a mess! It sounds like I am trashing the place when I need to get a cookie sheet or muffin tin out. I think you did a great job here!

  8. I think it's a good thing you labeled the frying pan niche, in case you don't remember what it's for... Awesome project, I want the same, with labels and all... If you're still waiting for your tiles, as I'm still waiting for my glass doors, my cats would love a sweater. I can email you measurements if you need.

  9. This is amazing! I'm inspired to do this to one of my cupboards...well, I mean show my husband how to do this...

  10. I adore this. I want one but I'm too uncoordinated to make it. Pleeeeeeease come to Wisconsin and make me one. I will make you dinner.

  11. You are my hero!! I totally love all that cool storage, and I love labels.... even if I don't always pay attention to them.

  12. Come do my cupboards, Mine have never been that organised! I hope those tiles come soon!

  13. Wow! When you get mad you get productive!! I'm with Mel...please come do mine! I'll put you up in my new guest bedroom and cook for you too! Nice job girl!

  14. I so need you to come visit me so I can pi$$ you off !!!
    It's just fabulous Karen - want it want it want it!

  15. You crack me up. And you're so dang organized. And you crack me up.


  16. Girl, that's awesome! That's exactly what I need in my over the fridge cabinet! I don't have the fancy tools to make those "dado" cuts, I might need to use my router but it's not going to be as precise as I want :( Anyway, you gave me great ideas and that's what I LOVE about all your projects!

  17. This is great! Want to come do mine?! No matter how hard I try to keep things organized, they have a mind of their own and get messy. And, now that's an idea that might help the rest of the family put those things back in the right place.

  18. I'm offering Ft Lauderdale, FL!!! Wouldn't you want to warm up down here? OMG I LOVE THAT CABINET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I have the label maker... Gee, then my husband would know just where to put the dishes back! How awesome is that!!!!


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