Friday, June 13, 2014

Ceiling Tiles Are In!! Canada Ceiling Tiles Gets a Big F!

*Looks like this company is done and I can see why!*

Skip this next bit and go to the pictures if you aren't here looking for a review on Canada Ceiling Tiles, cuz it ain't pretty!
I hate to throw my support to a US company but just buy from and you will save time and money, unless Canada Customs delays your shipment.
the very day my credit card was billed for the tiles!
I received the incorrect tiles May 16th and immediately called the company
informing them of the mistake.
I finally received my tiles June 4th
The email I received : 
Let me take this opportunity to apologize for the mix up of the orders.
Tomorrow May 28th your correct order will be shipped by Canada Post
Tracking # 03%^439000!@#$%^.
I am told it will take approx. 6 days.

In order for us to send the package you received in error to the correct client,
we have included on your box a packing envelope on the outside that contains
1) Packing List for our Client in B.C.
2) A Pre-Paid Canada Post Shipping Label

If you would be so kind as to bring the incorrect box that you had received back to the
Post Office when you receive your correct one and have the Post Office place the
Pre-Paid Shipping Label on that box so that it can now be shipped to our Customer.

Your patience and help in this matter is incredibly appreciated.

Again, we are so sorry for our error.

Thank You So Much,
Angela Smale
Canada Ceiling Tiles
132 King Street West
Prescott, Ontario Canada

My reply to this letter is:

Wow   I can't believe it has taken this long for you to ship the correct order.   I was assured by Steve that my order was to have gone out last Tuesday after the long weekend.   I am curious as to what the delay was?  This puts my project back three weeks.

  May 28th to ship the correct order???  Come on people, do your jobs!
I think if I would have been in their shoes, I would have paid a little more for overnight shipping.

Not even an offer of compensation for my gas to fix their mistake. 

Also, 1/3 of the tiles received were scratched on the back.  I believe they had debris on the rollers, or a malfunction in the processing end of the tiles which was passed on to me, the consumer, at full price!  Not sure if this is standard practice for Canada Ceiling Tiles to pass on seconds to their customers???
I can say I won't be buying from this company again.

And now for the peeps looking for progress and not reviews.....Hope I don't disappoint!




Some nasty before shots

Compare!!!  What a difference!

Yes that is plastic on the light.....I still have to paint the ceiling and this turtle doesn't want any splatters on my new light.  Not a great deal at fifty bucks like my girly closet light, but I love her just the same!   Crown molding, baseboard and windows still need to be completed, and then we can close the door on this room, because it actually has a door that closes!


  1. Well, despite all the pain and aaa-go-knee, it looks fabulous. Did you have enough even though some of them were damaged??? What's up with these Big F-ing companies these days anyway???? :P


  2. I'm so glad you finally got your ceiling tiles!!! Despite all the trouble they look fabulous in your room!!

  3. So glad you finally got those tiles! The ceiling looks wonderful!

  4. Even with all the hassle your ceiling looks amazing!!! I can't believe they shipped you some damaged tiles after they sent the wrong ones in the first place. That is unbelievable to me. Customer service is becoming a lost art. Don't companies care about repeat business anymore?

  5. It just ain't like it used to be with customer care and service, probably because they know we have so fewer choices these days, hrmph! Well your ceiling looks fantastic along with the shaded light fixture, the wall color, everything!!! You really dialed this room in very fast, considering the delays that were out of your control. Kudos, Karen :)

  6. FINALLY! It does look great, though. Good choice! And I love the light, too.

  7. It looks fantastic but are they serious?? I'd send them a link and have it shared with every bloggers fb you know! Terrible service.

  8. It does look great, but they wanted you to take care of their own mistake for them without so much as a thank you and how-de-do? Good grief! Funny they didn't want you to write an apology note for them to the other bubble ceiling people. F. Despite the great looking ceiling. F.

  9. Seriously, that is some really poor customer service skills they have! However, on the bright side, the tiles do look awesome! I love how they really flow with your lighting fixture too. I'm telling you. You need your own home show. Then those asshats wouldn't make you wait weeks for an order, they'd be rushed delivered for free!

  10. So, do I understand it that the people who ordered the tiles you received are still waiting also?

    Your ceiling looks very pretty now. How do they stick up there?

  11. The ceiling turned out beautifully but what a hassle to get there. I can't believe they asked you to send the order on to the next customer 11 days later instead of them sending a new order directly to the other customer on the same day you contacted them when they realized their error. I guess if they didn't do it for you, why would they think to do that to the other customer?! I understand people make mistakes but its the way they handle their mistake that really reveals their true character.
    And you're a clever turtle for leaving the plastic on the light to protect it from painting, I wouldn't have even thought of that until I had ripped through that thing like it was a birthday present. :) xoxo, Sharon

  12. Even if dealing with the tile company was a long grueling affair, the ceiling looks great. Very nice job. I have not dealt with any companies like this one. I think I would have been really peeved enough to give them some grief right back. Like telling them to send the Fed-ex or UPS to pick up their mistake and not to expect me to make good on their screw ups.

  13. repairing anything in the house is usually the first step towards a heartattack :)

  14. I have a much better plan regarding any ceiling tiles you need in the future. I will personally pick them up and deliver them to you. gotta pay for my gas, and I need $50 per diem for eating and if I get arrested at the border trying to smuggle American ceiling tiles into Canada, you've gotta bust me out of the clink...but I will provide you with THE BEST customer service. Love how it looks after all is said and done.

  15. Hahaha, I think you should call Heather for your next tile order! Well, I'll do it too ;) But no, really what a pain dealing with such lousy customer service! On the other side, they do look great and that's the most important thing!

  16. The ceiling looks gorgeous... I think it was worth the wait, th frustration and the emails! And that new lamp is perfect.


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