Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lilac Simple Syrup

Did you know lilacs are edible?
  What kind of a person would eat them?
A survivalist?
That's not me.
Maybe drink them.....but definitely not eat them

Lilac Simple Syrup
2 Cups lilac buds
2 Cups of water
2 Cups of sugar
1/2 tsp citric acid or lemon juice
a few blueberries for color, or food coloring

Throw the buds in a pot....

with some water and sugar.....

I threw in a dozen blueberries for color.

Gently boil for about 20 minutes and add the citric acid.  Careful cuz it foams up when you add the acid!
And strain into a jar.  I keep this jar in the refrigerator.

A splash of lilac simple syrup to soda water, makes for a refreshing drink

It's so hard to let go of lilacs this year....I felt the need to save a bit of spring for next winter.  Tomorrow I will be picking a huge batch and process sterilized filled canning jars of lilac simple syrup for 45 minutes.......
And here it is, tomorrow!

 If it's a long, cold winter, 
 me and "lilac gin drink" will stay
 nice and warm cuz I'm really stocked up!


  1. I saw those BEAUTIFUL lilacs, and your gorgeous jars full of syrup and started salivating. Not because I love the taste, but I make soap, and OMG.......lilac soap.

  2. I had not idea they were edible. Then again, I just learned that dandelions were too. I am so out of the loop with what flowers you can and cant eat lol. I don't think I've seen lilacs around here for a few years, come to think of it. I am going to be on the lookout now!

    1. Dandelion greens are wonderful!!! I once tasted the flower itself. I don't recommend it. lol

  3. How beautiful. I'm guessing it would be kind of like elderflower or honeysuckle cordials, how lovely :)

  4. What a great smell while it was cooking I bet!

  5. I've never heard of Lilac syrup, but it sounds delicious! Actually, that isn't very surprising since we don't grow lilacs here. I do love the look of lilacs and just bought several bunches of faux ones at Joann's yesterday while they were 70% off -- I think from a distance, they will look very pretty and maybe even "sniff-worthy!" Okay, go enjoy your lilac cocktails!

  6. Did not know you could eat them. You are really set for winter, though. :)

  7. My neighbor has a gorgeous lilac tree. I so wish the bloom time was longer. I've never heard of lilac syrup, but ohhh, it sounds good. You know roses aren't my favorite, but I actually love rose water. We get inundated with so many manufactured scents, that when our nose detects a true, natural aroma, we, or I tend to want to keep smelling it, or drinking it for that matter, lol. Now, I really want to try lilac syrup, I bet it's really refreshing. (Sorry for yammering on -Pinning)

  8. GET OUT!!!!! I've had lilacs around almost all of my life and I never they were edible. Your syrup looks gorgeous, and I bet it tastes gorgeous too.

  9. That is some gorgeous syrup! I am fairly new to eating things made with flowers, but would definitely enjoy a cocktail with you. I've always loved how lilacs smell, so I am sure I'd love how they taste.

  10. Well you learn things. Every. Single. Day - wow I never knew this !
    It looks beauitful ! And if people eat dandelions - than Lilacs must be the caviar of flowers!

  11. Lilac is so pretty and smells so good: it must taste heavenly!

  12. I have never, ever heard of this before. But I plan on having lilacs in my yard somewhere. They're not just for breakfast anymore!



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