Sunday, May 25, 2014

Master Bedroom on a Sabbatical.

Canada Ceiling Tiles shipped the wrong tiles.   I was so excited to continue on in the bedroom and then I opened the box to find these.  

Bubbles are great but I prefer them in my beer, plus I think my bedroom would have looked like a space walking mouse, nibbling on a piece of swiss cheese. 


I phoned the company and talked to Steve.  Nice guy, said he would fix the situation, but not in time for the start of the week or by the looks of things, not this next week either.   
Moving forward into the laundry room / master closet.  The laminate flooring from the bedroom will extend into this area, but because of the washing machine sharing this space, I decided to add some ceramic floor tiles into the mix. 
 Went to the Re-Store and found 26 porcelain tiles measuring 13"x13" for 20 bucks!   
Cement board is attached to the floor.

Tiles were dry fit and cut.  I only broke two???  Luckily I bought two boxes!

I had some white thinset left over from another tiling job so I was able to use it up.

All grouted with leftover grout from this job!
Now I can extend the laminate from the bedroom, into the closet/laundry room!  
On those damn ceiling tiles, I swear I am cursed.  I guess I am just destined to have to wait!  The jury is still out on Canada Ceiling Tile's service and products. 
 You can visit part two of the bedroom makeover here.


  1. Oh, what a bummer about those ceiling tiles! They almost look kind of "moonscape-ish." Hope you don't have to wait too long to get that issue resolved. The laundry room tile looks great! You just never know what you might find at the ReStore.

  2. You know, I think you're not giving those ceiling tiles a chance. I mean, who doesn't want a space-age, mouse theme in their bedrooms. Speaking of mousies....shudder, shudder, gag, gag. I do not enjoy mice. I do though enjoy your tile. Great job!

  3. OMG, you have THE WORST luck with getting ceiling tiles! You must have pissed off the ceiling tile Gods something awful in another life lol. However, I think the floor Gods certainly made up for it, because I really love those tiles in your laundry room and you got a really great deal on them!

  4. You are hilarious. That tile is freaking awesome! And I was immediately catapulted (mouse-apulted?) into space when I saw that ceiling tile!


  5. Wow, those ceiling tiles are pretty out of this world!! How disappointed you must have been. Hope they fix it fast. You got such a great deal on those floor tiles, and they look awesome. In our old house 4 cats equals no mice.

  6. Oh man that sucks! Nothing worse than opening the box and it's wrong! But score on the other tiles $20 awesome

  7. Now those are some ugly ceiling tiles! Awk!
    But the floor tiles are gorgeous! :)

  8. 20 bucks? Now that's a deal and I LOVE the design of the tile. Can't belive you got the wrong ceiling , but it seems like they arrived much sooner than the last. Here's hoping they expedite the correct ones real fast.

  9. I felt so disappointed that you received the wrong ones when I read this! Those lunar landing inspired ones are definitely not your style. Good job on the flooring, you must be very proud of that. I would be.


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