Friday, May 16, 2014

Master Bedroom Part Two

Back at Ghetto Inn, room service is a sham but the view is looking up.  My first step  was to fix the walls with a bit of mud.  Molding was added to doors and walls.

 Have you ever bought oops paint?  Oops, somebody hates it so I get it for ten bucks....score!  This mistake is called Sea Lion, I call it blackish.

All the pine boards were hand painted with a shiny new coat of white  paint. 

I really should be careful when using the word 3-way in a bedroom post!  

  A good example of all the shades of white.  Who knew!   Some intense paint therapy is needed!

Some underlay preps the floor for it's final coat!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the styrofoam ceiling tiles.   They were shipped seven days after my order, and according to my tracking number, they have landed!    Eleven days (May 5- May 16) isn't as bad as a month.   I guess that's why I paid double the shipping charge for tiles travelling three thousand kilometers versus half the shipping for forty five hundred kilometers????  Why is Canada Post so expensive?   I love you Canada but I don't love the postal service!
 Happy May Long to all my Canadian friends!  For all my non Canadian friends, this is a nice long weekend to celebrate camping in the snow and rain!    After all, we are Canadian!  
Oh, and Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!  Hmmmm how come we don't celebrate King Henry VIII's birthday?  Perhaps he chopped off one too many heads!
You can see part one HERE!  Not the head chopping part, but the bedroom!


  1. It's looking great Karen! I've always loved the bead board look. I buy Ooops paint at the Restore all the time. I just got 2 gallons for $20 for the master bedroom, which will be repainted on that elusive some day... that hopefully will actually come some day. Our May 24 weekend is going to be coat weather again this year... no surprise there. Have a happy!

  2. ahaha! the last part was really funny. Again, I have to say this "I wish we are neighbours. I miss doing this kind of things." The last time I did this kind of work here in Singapore, someone came over and complain about the noise. hehe.

  3. You have really been hard at work! The transformation is stunning !! I love the beadboard and how you took it 2/3rds up. Great steal on someone elses blooper paint!

  4. Happy Victoria Day! (She could've skipped a few meals, though.) I love the dark above the white beadboard!

  5. Love your Ghetto to "Get Out of Here" makeover. When we starts seeing the fruits of our labors, we sure wonder why we took so long to treat ourselves. Can't wait to see how the new ceiling puts everything together. You do a great job on your trim molding in tying it all together.

    La Verne@hopeandsalvage

  6. You've already done so much... And yes, there are many shades of white, something I'm really aware of and my contractor, not so much! The bedroom is looking lovely with the crip white and intense "sea lion". How do they come up with those paint names?

  7. That's so funny because queens birthday weekend here is for Elizabeth and coincidently the weekend I brought my Elizabeth home as a newborn so I told her for years it was to celebrate that. Bedrooms and three ways..,,not what I was expecting on a Sunday afternoon. Btw I'm jealous of oops paint here it's too bad do sad. You're stuck with it.

  8. Yay for mostly blackish paint! That's just like my kitchen. I was trying to remember what my paint is called, but of course, can't. Charcoal I think. I love the way the dark looks with the cream cabinets, so I think your bedroom is going to be uh-mazing! And you know, about the 3-way, I think you are naughtier than me. :)

  9. I love your blog writing and posting style and am excited to see how you beautify your master bedroom! :)

  10. I love the paint color. There is a 'mis-tint' section at my Sherwin-Williams. I'm always snooping in there to see what piques my interest. Because the 200 cans of paint in my basement aren't enough, apparently.
    Your pine boards look like they've always been there, very quaint.
    We have Memorial Day weekend, which is next weekend, during which WE camp in the rain.

  11. I have never bought an oops paint, but now I am inspired to check out the selection at our hardware store! What a crappy weekend for a long weekend. Ours isn't until next weekend, and I am hoping the weather is nice! And I say pft to all those other holidays. It's my anniversary. The only event that really matters ;) lol

  12. I've never used "oops" paint but have seen it used on The Rehab Addict. It's a great way to save some moolah!

  13. I need to install one of those three switch in my bd too, the problem is I had no idea how to do it and I hate to deal with electricity! Your bedroom is looking great, love the floors and the oops paint. Lately I've been checking those paints, I already got two quarts that were at a very reasonably priced :) You must be already installing your ceiling tiles, can't wait to see them!

  14. It looks amazing! And I love that you're having a three-way at the Ghetto Inn... Hehehehehe....


  15. It's starting to come together Karen !!!
    Those ceiling tiles made me laugh out loud - who would buy them in the first place?


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