Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pull Apart Pumpkins and Zombie Warnings

A ginormous, huge, colossal, monstrous crazy ass puffball mushroom
 growing wild in the back pasture......

and then my gardening skills :(

Being the fantastic gardener that I am.....
not one pumpkin plant produced a single pumpkin this year.
Well that's not exactly true.  One plant started to grow a pumpkin,
 which quickly turned yellow and rotted.

How spooky is that!
I decided to build the un-rotten kind...ones that
 I could count on for years to come.
I am cramming Halloween into this final week.
  I truly had all this done two weeks ago but I haven't
 been on my computer much this past while as real life got in the way.
Damn real life, it's overrated. 

A few years ago I made these 3D Christmas trees and
 thought how brilliant I was cuz I could take them apart to store them.
Yah not so much.
 I ended up with pine cone debris
 all over when I slid them apart

But I have aged in wisdom, not years..... and finally,
I can store something away without its demise

I used all scrap wood for this project.  I cut 2 squares, measured the width
 of the boards and slotted each piece exactly half way up 

Cut the corners off on a diagonal.

 Orange paint mixed with water makes the perfect stain.

 Twigs cut into short pieces and attached with a dab of hot glue make the perfect stems.

Just pull them apart, lay flat in my ever growing
dollar store paraphernalia Halloween box,
and I can store them away until next year!

No rotten mess to clean up!  If I am really lazy, and
 forget to clean off the cobwebs when I add these pumpkin delights to
 my ever growing collection,
 we could be the proud parents
 of some baby spiders......how lucky is that!
I guess I shouldn't joke about that as we all know
 my obsession with the beaded kind.

This was a quick dollar store craft.  It has been out since the
 beginning of September and has held up perfectly!
 A scrap piece of OSB stained with some dark brown paint was used as the base.
 I put a coat of contact cement on the back of the Dollar Store poster and on the front of the OSB and applied the sign when both piece were dry.

A few coats of white glue mixed with water and out she went, on an old flagpole....warning any guests to stay away or succumb to brain food!

Happy Halloween!