Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pull Apart Pumpkins and Zombie Warnings

A ginormous, huge, colossal, monstrous crazy ass puffball mushroom
 growing wild in the back pasture......

and then my gardening skills :(

Being the fantastic gardener that I am.....
not one pumpkin plant produced a single pumpkin this year.
Well that's not exactly true.  One plant started to grow a pumpkin,
 which quickly turned yellow and rotted.

How spooky is that!
I decided to build the un-rotten kind...ones that
 I could count on for years to come.
I am cramming Halloween into this final week.
  I truly had all this done two weeks ago but I haven't
 been on my computer much this past while as real life got in the way.
Damn real life, it's overrated. 

A few years ago I made these 3D Christmas trees and
 thought how brilliant I was cuz I could take them apart to store them.
Yah not so much.
 I ended up with pine cone debris
 all over when I slid them apart

But I have aged in wisdom, not years..... and finally,
I can store something away without its demise

I used all scrap wood for this project.  I cut 2 squares, measured the width
 of the boards and slotted each piece exactly half way up 

Cut the corners off on a diagonal.

 Orange paint mixed with water makes the perfect stain.

 Twigs cut into short pieces and attached with a dab of hot glue make the perfect stems.

Just pull them apart, lay flat in my ever growing
dollar store paraphernalia Halloween box,
and I can store them away until next year!

No rotten mess to clean up!  If I am really lazy, and
 forget to clean off the cobwebs when I add these pumpkin delights to
 my ever growing collection,
 we could be the proud parents
 of some baby spiders......how lucky is that!
I guess I shouldn't joke about that as we all know
 my obsession with the beaded kind.

This was a quick dollar store craft.  It has been out since the
 beginning of September and has held up perfectly!
 A scrap piece of OSB stained with some dark brown paint was used as the base.
 I put a coat of contact cement on the back of the Dollar Store poster and on the front of the OSB and applied the sign when both piece were dry.

A few coats of white glue mixed with water and out she went, on an old flagpole....warning any guests to stay away or succumb to brain food!

Happy Halloween!


  1. You are like the posting queen today! Those pumpkins are way cool, but I really love the zombie sign.

    And that mushroom! Yikes!!


  2. Never eat a mushroom bigger than your head. All through this post I was thinking 'those pumpkins are way cool' and then Andi beat me to it. It is all adorable... I mean... super scary!

  3. I am almost as good a gardener as you, which is why I only grow peppers and tomatoes (for the most part). We are going to rip our garden out...probably this weekend....or mid-December, you know, whenever the husband feels like he can take a break from school. Those break apart pumpkins are genius. I love decor that can be stored flat!

  4. The OSB really adds some creepy texture to that awesome sign, which looks so easy to make, love it! And those pumpkins are adorable!! The fact that they can be disassembled at the end of the season is a super cool storage trick, Karen!!

  5. I just found one of those big ass mushrooms in my back yard yesterday and it kind of freaked me out. I find the little ones all the time, but that size is just cray cray! Brilliant way to craft the pumpkins so they store flat. If you are anything like me on the holiday decor, we need all the extra storage space we can get lol.

  6. The more I read the more I realize we are a LOT alike! lol xo Diana

  7. We get some fairly large mushrooms and in clusters, but nothing like the one above -- lots of little creepy things could seek shelter under that one! Your pull-apart pumpkins are so cute, and your pine-cone clad Christmas trees were really cute, too!


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