Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rocket Stove / Pizza Oven Part 4

 Unfortunately every time I looked at the pizza oven,  it conjured up memories of  the bubonic plague, a.k.a. the Black Death! 
 See part three , where the plague lays a smackdown on poor Feral Turtle :(

 I'd walk out the door, see the oven and have to go lie down and feel sorry for myself
   Luckily I have one of those bodies that forgets very easily. 
 Proof is in not one kid, but two! 
  Soon after Danni's yummy fruit crumble,  rolled out of the oven,
 the plague was merely a faint memory.
This is the only dish that turns out every time!
 Chimney is complete with a cap built from the top of a keg. 

We had to burn the interior form out of the oven, which was pretty fierce.   
HOLY CRAP call the freakin fire department.
But the gnomes stood their ground!

 It survived!

Mr FT put his fancy chef hat on and started cooking up a storm.  
A SHORT pizza video for you....this one was just cheese and sauce but it was delicious!

We also whipped up a batch of buns for a trial run.....They were eaten before the end of the day. 
Somebody needs to go to the gym. 

Roxul Insulation was secured around the rocket stove.  We wrapped that baby up tight.  

 The base of the outdoor oven was covered with cement board.

  Not being able to bare the thought of laying more rocks (bubonic plague memories), we've decided to break up the expansive area with some sort of  tiles.  Any suggestions? 
I'll be going on a five kilometer run today.......thanks to our new outdoor oven!