Tuesday, May 1, 2012

idrinkcoffee.com Is A Business That I would Not Deal With Again!

I hate to blog negatively, but today I am here to review a company that I feel has offered VERY POOR customer service.   I feel people should know these web companies who practice poor business ethics.
 Back in July, we ordered a rather large order with them.  We were shorted our Reg Barber coffee tamper with a Rancilio Logo on it.
  We take our coffee seriously!
  When I was finally able to get a hold of someone,  (you are always put to voice-mail), even when they say they are open, he informed me that the coffee tamper I ordered was no longer available and that they haven't updated their web page to reflect this.  Okay, things happen, and we will just get a regular Reg Barber Tamper, as discussed   Waited another week and a half and checked the post.  Still nothing. An unanswered phone call and then an email to them sparked this.... a reply email, I quote,
We are out of RB Rancilio Logo tampers. Didn't you get a Reg Barber Tall Bubinga instead? If not we will ship it to you today.
Best regards,
Duh....this was discussed already!  We were informed that you were out of the logo branded tampers as per your mistake on your web site. See above!
This is the last time I heard from them.  Two and a half weeks later, and three more emails (on top of the ones previous) and one more phone-call (unanswered and with no response to our voice-mail) after our initial order and we are still short our $70.00 coffee tamper.  (I know, you are probably thinking what fools we are to spend that kind of money on a bloody coffee tamper, but we really do take our coffee seriously.  Don't mind me, I haven't had my morning coffee!
To all you fellow Canadians and to whomever else they ship to, shop around.  I am sure you would get better customer service elsewhere!
A company with "Too quick excuses" for their blunders, and very little action!

Not to full of Cheers today!
I will keep you updated!

(1)A quick update.....just tried calling before I hit publish.  Had a warehouse guy answer the sales call.  Couldn't help me and said he would transfer me.  Sat on phone for five minutes listening to machinery or a moving vehicle???? with no transfer.  Hung up and tried calling back two more times.  Went to voice-mail :(
(2) Another up-date... We received our tamper finally.  Wrong color.  The original order was for black.    I give up.  God help us that we have no warranty issues.  Think twice before you deal with http://www.idrinkcoffee.com


  1. It doesn't matter how fabulous the cost or wonderful the product, if the customer service stinks I won't use the company!
    Brand new follower. Thanks for stopping by Back to the Basics!

  2. I'm experiencing the same poor post sales service from this company. My espresso machine with included tamper came missing the blind filter for back flushing and the included tamper was all scratched up like it had been used as a drift in a machine shop to insert bearings into the hubs of transport trucks about a hundred times. Several emails went unanswered and then finally I was told the missing bits would be sent rush. It's now 3.5 weeks later and nothing. A follow up email is still unanswered three days later. Constant excuses of renovating their showroom. They've been renovating their showroom for two months now. It must look pretty good by now but the service still sucks.

    1. I am sorry that I didn't write this review sooner. Perhaps you could have avoided dealing with this slack company. An update on my tamper. I finally received it yesterday but it was the wood grain model, instead of the black that we had originally ordered. If you notice their twitter account, they reply to all the complaints so that you have to click on the comments to go deeper into the conversation. They always have excuses too. Cheesy! Hopefully this post will help others deal wisely and perhaps look at another supplier!

    2. Sadly, I have to report that iDrinkCoffee truly sucks. I really believe that they are doing their very best, but it just isn't good enough if they want to stay in business. Their management structure, employee workload distribution and inventory control are non-existent. That is enough for them to fold, which they clearly will do.

      Some of their guys work their asses off, but no one can actually tell you anything about your order once it's placed. Their systems are shot, and they are running around like headless chickens trying to fire-fight, even while their life-blood is pumping out of their severed necks.

      At least they don't debit your credit card before shipping, which shows basic honesty, but if they don't have the item you order, they don't ship, and they don't tell you, which shows that there are no management procedures in place whatever.

      The company is dead: it just doesn't know it yet.

    3. X2... what Alistair said


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