Sunday, November 19, 2017

We're just gonna blow out this wall and put in a beam! Part Nine

We are officially in our living room basking in the glorious sunlight from the ginormous window previously installed.  We walk around looking like ghosts with all the sunscreen we have to wear.  As the song goes...."My future's so bright I gotta wear shades". 

 Enough bragging about no longer being vampires....

 Our next project was to lose the ladder to the upper level and put in some new treads. 

 Walking up a ladder with a baby turtle under your arm can be quite challenging as you can imagine....Actually I don't think it's even allowed with Mr. FT's safety rules 
  So here we are. 

 The process was quite tedious but wow...I can haul my a$$ up these stairs with toys and a baby turtle in tow and as soon as the railings are up, Baby Turtle should be old enough to haul his own toys up!  Maybe by then there will even be a flotilla of baby turtles...
Image result for choking emoticon
( Daughter Turtle chokes here.)

We started with old corral fence boards.  These boards have been basking in the weather for the last ( guessing) 70+ years.  We hauled them through the snow, cut them lengthwise in half, jointed, planed, biscuit joined, glued, clamped, sanded,  routed, and finally epoxied them into shape.

Three pieces equals one step

Mr FT and I drew up the plans for the run and rise, ordered the metal, we cut, he welded and then we assembled these bad boys into place

 and magically, a new path to the upper level appears.  No more cramming guests and crap into the basement.  We actually have a path to the upper bedrooms, one of which  we renovated a few years back, before goats and beams.

But wait....There's more.
Part 10....coming soon!

Friday, February 24, 2017

We're just gonna blow out this wall and put in a beam Part 8

 We are now back in our old digs but with a sturdy floor and a wood stove.  It has been a looooong year of reno's; actually 1 year and 2 months.  We could have sailed around the world ten times,  joined the circus, had a new Baby Turtle  all in the time this reno took....and we did! 
 Mr. FT is now head clown and our sailboat is drydocked getting an overhaul!

A SHORT video of a hungry baby turtle.

The finishing work is nearly done.  Getting there was another story.

The stairwell and a few finishing details need to be completed but really, can't people just use ladders?  If it's good enough for our fire department then it should be good enough for Turtles.
I was thinking we could install a POLE too. 
 It could be used for other things, like hanging lights and garland on at Christmas. 
 (get your mind out of the gutter)

We hung drywall and prepped for primer.

We painted.

We laid tiles in the back porch and under the stove area on a cement board base.

We installed a plywood subfloor with an amazingly easy to install vinyl plank flooring.  It comes with a lifetime warranty. 
 I am praying the company outlives us... 🙏

I don't think I will ever have to clean this floor. 
 You can't see anything on it 🙌
Seeing how we no longer have teenagers in the house, we were able to fix all the creaky floors.  You want squeaks when you have teenagers...just saying.

Before the molding work was completed, we had to test out the main attraction.
Happy to say the house is still standing, no eyebrows were singed, and toes were kept warm.

We used some old fencing from our corrals which were planed, sanded and sealed for the end caps of the stone wall

Any voids were sealed up with epoxy.

We hung polystyrene crown molding with pre-built corners.  This is the easiest way to install crown moulding....ever!!

Baseboards were installed in a few easy steps.
A shim on the bottom at every 12" supports a flat piece of 1/2 inch by a 4 inch board.

Another molding is installed over the shims.

A narrow piece is installed on the top.

The top and bottom pieces were pre-painted, the joints were caulked, nail holes filled, and another coat of paint was applied 
VOILA, an eight inch baseboard is born,

A wonky pan shot of our new abode.
 I really need to paint those doors!!


A soft area rug for baby turtles to crawl around on was added. 

Once all the curtains, cushions, pictures and of course the TV are added, it will be home again,
 but with warm feet!

I leave you with a few shots of our newest family addition:

He still needs a rain cap.
The new stainless steel steampunk incinerator
fabricated from scrap-yard finds....except for the chimney. 

 We paid dearly for that.

Word to the wise....always be cautious when buying from an over eager salesman.  They like to oversell the uninformed. 
(we should have done our homework)
The culprit company would be
We ended up with two extra chimney lengths totalling over $400 and a fresh air adapter meant for a mobile home for another cash grab.
We will have to re purpose that and one longer chimney length....any ideas?
for your great greedy business practices!