Sunday, November 19, 2017

We're just gonna blow out this wall and put in a beam! Part Nine

We are officially in our living room basking in the glorious sunlight from the ginormous window previously installed.  We walk around looking like ghosts with all the sunscreen we have to wear.  As the song goes...."My future's so bright I gotta wear shades". 
 Enough bragging about no longer being vampires....

 Our next project was to lose the ladder and put in some new treads.

 The process was quite tedious but wow...I can haul my a$$ up these stairs with toys and a baby turtle in tow and as soon as the railings are up, Baby Turtle should be old enough to haul his own toys up!  Maybe by then there will even be a flotilla of baby turtles...
Image result for choking emoticon
( Children Turtles choke here.)
We started with corral fence boards.  These boards have been basking in the weather for the last ( guessing) 80+ years.  We hauled them through the snow, cut them  in half (lengthwise), jointed, planed, biscuit joined, glued, clamped, sanded,  routed, and finally epoxied them into shape.

Three pieces equals one step

Mr FT and I drew up the plans for the run and rise, ordered the metal, we cut, he welded and then we assembled these bad boys into place

 and magically, a new path to the upper level appears.  We actually have access to the upper bedrooms again, one of which  we renovated a few years back, before goats and beams.

But wait....There's more.
Part 10....coming soon!


  1. Love it! When I come to visit or to live permanently, because I can't handle my president any longer, it'll be do easy to get to my room.

  2. hope you are putting some handrails, I ain't getting up on those scary stairs without them... and the goat isn't either :)
    What an imperial looking palace!

  3. Oh- I love it, Karen. You have come a long way...and what big jobs you have undertaken. In our area you cannot have open steps like that due to local ordinances. However, I LOVE the look of them. I am so glad you don't have to climb a ladder to the upper level anymore. Whoo Hooo---progress. xo Diana

  4. OMG!! That is a piece of art! Can hardly wait to see it with the handrails. Can't get over that wood you started with and how gorgeous it looks as steps. Magicians! Patient magicians!! :)

  5. It looks beautiful, Karen! You have come such a long (and probably grueling) way to get to this point, and all of your hard work has really paid off. I love the way the stairs look, but I could not ascend them without handrails....hop to it incase we reach the point of not being able to tolerate our "tweeting, schoolyard bully" of a president!, not kidding!

    We need to see some photos of that precious little grandson, okay?

    Warm hugs,

  6. Simply incredible. It's a hard road and all uphill. But once you get there is all cream.

    Simple amazing.

    SK Sartell
    SK on Elderberry

  7. Your tread making skills are ever impressive! I stopped by just last week hoping for and update and voila, here you are. You guys sure have been busy, and the work shows for it. Stunning work, as always!

  8. The wood adds so much character. Those stairs are gorgeous! I do need a rail for when I visit, just saying...

  9. Stopping in to with you a Very Happy New Year!

  10. This should be in log house magazine or something like that. Amazing that you guys did this all yourself!


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