Sunday, November 19, 2017

We're just gonna blow out this wall and put in a beam! Part Nine

We are officially in our living room basking in the glorious sunlight from the ginormous window previously installed.  We walk around looking like ghosts with all the sunscreen we have to wear.  As the song goes...."My future's so bright I gotta wear shades". 

 Enough bragging about no longer being vampires....

 Our next project was to lose the ladder to the upper level and put in some new treads. 

 Walking up a ladder with a baby turtle under your arm can be quite challenging as you can imagine....Actually I don't think it's even allowed with Mr. FT's safety rules 
  So here we are. 

 The process was quite tedious but wow...I can haul my a$$ up these stairs with toys and a baby turtle in tow and as soon as the railings are up, Baby Turtle should be old enough to haul his own toys up!  Maybe by then there will even be a flotilla of baby turtles...
Image result for choking emoticon
( Daughter Turtle chokes here.)

We started with old corral fence boards.  These boards have been basking in the weather for the last ( guessing) 70+ years.  We hauled them through the snow, cut them lengthwise in half, jointed, planed, biscuit joined, glued, clamped, sanded,  routed, and finally epoxied them into shape.

Three pieces equals one step

Mr FT and I drew up the plans for the run and rise, ordered the metal, we cut, he welded and then we assembled these bad boys into place

 and magically, a new path to the upper level appears.  No more cramming guests and crap into the basement.  We actually have a path to the upper bedrooms, one of which  we renovated a few years back, before goats and beams.

But wait....There's more.
Part 10....coming soon!