Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Window Bling

I measured my windows and added 1/2 " seam allowance.   Marked out my fabric with my chalk marker and  laid this out on the fold.   

This is the style I wanted.

Four windows = eight pieces.

Wanted to put some coordinating trim on the edges of the valance.  I also inserted a tassel at the center point.

I cut strips of a coordinating fabric and sewed them together to insert my welting.

Trim is ready to use.

I put my fabric right sides together with trim and tassel inside.

Sewed all the layers together!

Turned right side out....and voila!

All three done for the bigger windows.  One left to make for the smaller window.

I covered the trim piece with some fabric.

I used some double sided tape to hold in place.  I must confess I only used this for one as the fit was tight enough to hold them in place while I tacked them up.

First window.

Second window

Third window.

This is how I installed them.

A look from underneath.

I used two finishing nails to install the valances.

All three big windows done!

Small window complete.

That's my Window Bling.


  1. So beautiful. I want to cozy up in that little nook with a good cup of coffee:)

  2. What a great tutu tutorial! Looks awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog..

  3. These are SO cute! =) Nicely done!! =)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Much Love,

  4. Lovely! Just the right finish, and you still get the view and sunlight.

  5. Hello from The Checkered Apple! Thanks for stopping by. I absolutely love the fabric you used for your window treatments! They look awesome!

  6. These looks really good! I love fabric on the windows. It really adds a lot of character and warmth! Great job!

  7. This is great! It's so hard to find exactly what you want, so making it is the perfect solution!

  8. beautifully done! Thank you for sharing on the Thursday hop my friend xo

  9. They look great! I have some fabric to make some kitchen curtains {well I've had it for over a month!} I need to get busy busy busy! love your pretty valances!


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